Setting Up New Rituals & Boundaries!

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Hey All!

I’ve spoken a lot during the years that I often have problems developing good habits, rituals, and setting boundaries. It’s something I have been really working on lately and I’m not going to lie, it’s been a struggle. With a toddler, it can be very hard to just find time to myself. I’ve made it a point to not make excuses and to force myself to really schedule time for myself into my day. I have to thank California Psychics for helping me get into this ritual of self-care. (Try it for yourself and use code vanessa10 to get $10 added to your account when you purchase your first reading!)

California Psychic Reading

I chatted once again with Psychic Josslyn, who helped give me the motivation I needed to set up my new rituals. She gave me a love and relationships reading this time. We focused mainly on the relationships in my life and how there may be some family related relationships in my life that are bringing me stress and negativity.

She immediately homed in on the fact that even though these family members have had a negative impact on me and cause me so much stress, I try to always work it out with them regardless because they are family.

She helped me see how these kinds of relationships can affect your mind and body. They can also bring negativity toward you. She felt that I had some of that negative energy surrounding me and I needed to focus on keeping that kind of negativity out of my life.

California Psychic Reading

She stated I have to learn that even though someone is family, I have to create boundaries and keep my distance from those affecting me negatively.

She conveyed I needed to learn put myself first and practice more self-care. I need to focus on relaxation, self-care, health, mind, body, and my relationships. I need to make taking care of myself a ritual in my life.

California Psychic Reading schedule

I took what she said to heart and literally starting a schedule to fit self-care into my day. I started using a dry erase board to make sure I schedule everything for my son and family, but I make sure to schedule some me-time too. Making my weekly schedule has become a weekly ritual that I look forward to every Sunday.

California Psychic Reading

I do something to pamper myself each week. Whether it’s munching on one of my favorite treats while I catch up on some ridiculous show or giving myself a facial complete with cucumber eye patches, I make sure to do something that makes me feel good.

I make sure to take care of my health/body, my mind, and soul each week. I make time for relaxation, regardless of how stressed I may be with everything going on in my life and in the world. Having the guidance of Psychics like Josslyn has really helped me on this self-care journey.

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California Psychic Reading

I love that I can always find an amazing psychic advisor that fits my budget and busy lifestyle. It is great to be able to schedule the psychic readings that work best for my schedule. Another reason I love California Psychics is that they are discrete, confidential, and guaranteed by a promise you can trust.

With the sensitive topics we cover during my readings, privacy and discreetness are very important for me. I know that everything I discuss during my readings stays between my psychic advisor and me. I never have to worry about that. California Psychics operates on your terms! Every advisor is light, refreshing, anchored in goodness, and committed to inspiring others to feel connected, optimistic, and fulfilled.

I’m thrilled to be able to share my California Psychics experience with you and I hope you find it helpful! If you’re thinking of trying it, I highly recommend you do!

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of California Psychics.



  • Being able to recognize stressors in the relationships in our lives, and how to take the time to either fix or alleviate them from our day-to-day is so important! It’s also good to get into habit of making a ritual out of taking care of ourselves, absolutely!!

  • We are so important and we need to take care of ourselves! I am so glad that you finding the right balance!

  • It is so important for us to take time for self-care, and create a good balance with family and also blogging life as well.

  • As per Whitney Houston’s famous line of the song says, “learning to love yourself is the greatest love of all”.

  • My friends and I visited a psychic back in our college days. It was a fun experience.

  • I haven’t ever used a psychic before, and it is interesting to hear about your experience. It is good that you are focusing on taking care of yourself!