Stranger Things Binge Racing & Packing Essentials!

Hey All!

Many of you know I went to a special event for the premiere of Stranger Things 2 thanks to the amazing folks at Netflix! I’m so happy to be part of the Stream Team to attend incredible events like this. If you followed along on my Instagram Stories, you saw just how awesome this event wast. If you missed it, I thought I would share some of what it was like with you today. I’ll also share some packing essentials that we took with us, which you should also take with you when you travel or head out to binge your favorite Netflix shows. Keep in mind, I only had my phone and it was night time, so the pics are not 100% great, But you can see I was too busy having the best time ever!

I dressed as Eleven and my hubby was dressed as Dustin. Yes I had a fake Eggo waffle!

And a waffle purse!

They decorated this event space to look like Hawkins and it was amazing.

You followed a spooky path that lead to part of the event area that was a mix of a lounge, bar, food court, and arcade in one!

Outside they projected the monster from this season on the wall of the building where the binge would take place.

There was a fake field and me and Barb got to hang out!

Inside the lounge type area I mentioned earlier was the Hawkins van mid air, so you could pretend you were flipping it!

There was a little Target area set up and they gave us our pick of T-Shirts, Sweats, and Hoodies to take home!

The arcade was filled with all the games the kids were playing this season in the arcade.

There was also a Joyce and Sherif Hopper at the event!

Inside the screening room were some amazing leather couches and lounges and a concessions stand where we could grab what ever we wanted at any time. This guy below is my hero, since he’s the reason I got to attend this incredible event! There was also a count down and the cast and Barb gave tidbits on how to binge.

The binge started at midnight and went until 9am! It was the best time ever! After 2-3 episodes, they would have a break and give us food and snacks. They even had a cereal bar at one point, which they put the cereal inside vintage cereal boxes. I LOVED that E.T. cereal and Ghost Busters cereal when I was a kid!

At the end of the event #8 came to say hi and snap pictures with us, which was AMAZING!

A legit Eggo truck came and served us Eggos and breakfast!

It was truly the best time ever and I pray they do it every year. We took blankets, snacks, and a travel pillow, which I always recommend taking when ever you go traveling in addition to your iPad with Netflix. We honestly didn’t need to bring this since they gave us all that and more! I feel like we had more fun than any other premiere event we’ve ever been too! It was incredible and Netflix went all out for this one!

You can see a little video I made from the event and that features my Instagram Stories as well below. It captures everything I didn’t capture in photos. It also has my Instagram Stories in the video in case you missed them too! Check it out below:

Netflix shared a snap of all of us binge racers on their Instagram after the event. I changed out of my costume to get comfortable for the binge. As you can see, we had the best time ever and I wasn’t even tired after binging all night long. I was so pumped from having so much fun, we came home and binged the whole season again! We’re cray cray I know! If you haven’t seen Stranger Things 2 yet, what are you waiting for! Binge like nobodies business, as it’s the best show ever!

Besides Stranger Things 2, Netflix has some other awesome shows you and your teen can binge together, if you have a teen! Be the cool parent and let them binge!

Thanks so much to Netflix and the Stream Team for having me at this amazing event! And thanks to all the incredible sponsors like Target for helping to make the event so AMAZING! I hope I’m a binge racer every time the show premieres on Netflix!

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