Summer Boating Memories To Come.

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Hey All!

Are you still looking to get on the water this summer? I know we are. I love being on the water in a boat during the summer. Yes I said on the water and not in the water. I love boats. Being on a boat is so relaxing to me and it’s a great way to spend a lazy Sunday in the summer with your family. Did you know 91 percent of Americans believe there are benefits for children to be on the water, including: getting outdoors; appreciating nature; spending quality time with family; and disconnecting from technology? And 90 percent of Americans live within an hour’s drive of a navigable body of water. I learned all these fun facts through

998244_10151643991078839_2046227026_n has great resources and educational tools for boaters of all levels! It’s always great to learn about everything you can before you take on any activity especially boating. Safety first I always say. One of the great tools they offer is the Cost Comparison Tool. It allows you to see the best and affordable way you can go boating with your family.

Boating during the summer has been a family tradition of mine since I was a child. We used to go out on my mother’s friends boats in the Hamptons in NYC. Now living so close to the beaches and so close to San Diego, I’m happy that it has now become one of our favorite ways to spend time with our family. We’re not pro-boaters or anything, but we just enjoy being out on the water and taking in the cool ocean breeze. It’s so relaxing!

The picture below is from our recent trip to San Diego. The boats on the harbor are so beautiful and there are so many different boating activities to do especially during the summer.


You don’t have to own your own boat to go boating. There are many Boat Rentals you can check out that are affordable. It’s truly a great summer activity.

We are looking forward to renting a boat in Catalina Island in the coming months and spending our days on the boat and on the beach. I mean who wouldn’t want to see that smile on the beach over and over again.


I highly recommend you check out the is an unbiased online resource to explore the enjoyment and accessibility of the boating lifestyle. It’s packed with easy, interactive features to familiarize people with all aspects of life on the water, has a boat selector guide, cost comparison tool, renting options, favorite boating destinations, links to education courses – even nautical lingo and how-to videos. Plus, the website offers tools and information for both NEW and experienced boaters looking to learn more.

Their “Get On the Water” section on the site is a must visit section as it’s where you’ll find information for activity ideas, travel destinations, and more.

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Do you like to go boating with your family?