The Best Advice I Was Given On My Wedding Day!

I’m sharing this #Ricola in my life post as part of a Ricola sponsored series for Socialstars™.

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Hey All!

Today is my second wedding anniversary and I’ve been thinking about all the amazing advice we were given on our wedding day. At our wedding, we had one of those boxes where guests could write some words of wisdom for us on marriage. We got a lot of advice to say the least. Since it’s wedding season and we’ll be heading off to a bunch of weddings in the coming months, I thought I would share some of this advice that we got. I would love to pass on some words of wisdom to all of my fabulous soon to be bride or groom readers. Marriage is a long adventure you take with your husband. It’s nice to have some advice to remember when the road gets rocky.

Here are five of the best pieces of advice we got on our wedding day:

1. Never go to bed angry. This means to never let any argument or anger you have towards your partner fester. It will only make the issue grow. Always try to resolve any fights before your go to bed. You’ll probably realize you’re fighting over something dumb anyway.

2. Always be thankful you found someone to spend your life with. It’s amazing how quickly we forget how hard it was to find someone who could be your partner for life. Dating was not fun if you’re honest with yourself and you should always remember that the next time your picking on your wife or husband.

3. Focus on the positives and not the negatives. Make sure you remember to not only focus on anything you find negative about your spouse. Always remember to think of all the positive aspects of your spouse.

4. Make every day your wedding anniversary. Make sure you surprise your spouse with a little surprise every other day. Like my husband surprises me with my favorite candy or some flowers every other week. He always changes it up and I do the same for him. It will show your spouse you’re always thinking about them.

5. Accept your spouse for who they are. You married them for who they are, so you shouldn’t try to change them or think they will change when you’re married. It never works!!!

Those are my favorite pieces of advice that have gotten us through two years of being happily married. I love celebrating our wedding anniversary and this year we’re doing it big as I’m taking my hubby with me on the honeymoon we never got to go on to the Cook Islands.

Anniversary Ricola Advice

You know who else is celebrating a big anniversary this year? Ricola! They are celebrating their 75th anniversary this year. You can read all about the history of the company that makes my favorite throat drops HERE.

Anniversary Ricola Wedding

With wedding season, I have to talk, woot, and give a ton of speeches each year. It’s honestly a lot more talking than I’m used to. I need to have Ricola Original Drops in my purse at all times as they are my go to throat drops whenever sore throats happen from using my voice too much. Did you know the Original Ricola natural herb drops are have been made the same way for the past 80 years? Since the 1940’s, they’ve been using the same ten signature herbs cultivated in Swiss alpine areas using natural farming methods. They farm without chemical pesticides to ensure optimum taste and sustainability of the environment. That’s why I love my Ricola throat drops even more. They even have a “Green Team” of seven people from the company’s main departments to ensure sustainability management at Ricola.

Wedding Ricola

Just like a marriage, Ricola has made a commitment to it’s products and stuck with the same natural combination of herbs for their Original Drops for 75 years. We can only hope to celebrate our own 75 year anniversary for our marriage one day. We’re inspired by Ricola when it comes to their values and social responsibility. Ricola consistently adheres to the principle of “quality before quantity”. In today’s world when everyone is more interested in quantity over quality, it’s nice to know a brand like Ricola is sticking to it’s commitment to it’s product and brand. In my opinion, that’s why the product is still great today.

We wish Ricola a very happy 75th Anniversary of their Original Herb drop! Anniversaries are a time for celebrating and I hope you’ll join me in congratulating Ricola on this amazing anniversary.

For more information on Ricola and their history for the past 75 years visit their website HERE.