The Confetti Bar Is The Queen of Confetti!



Hey All!

On this special Donut and Confetti Monday I am thrilled to bring you best of both worlds. I present to you the Strawberry Donut Confetti from The Confetti Bar!


It is by far my most favorite thing in the world right now. It’s the perfect mix of cute little strawberry frosted donuts with hand-drawn sprinkles and confetti! Yes each perfect colorful sprinkle is painted on by hand. The donuts are perfectly complemented with a sweet confetti mix of cream colored paper, frosted pink metallic specks, and multicolor bits.

It’s the perfect decoration to present my Valentine’s Day Donuts don’t you think?


The Confetti Bar is the BEST online boutique confetti shop you can find. It’s owned by the fabulous Jessica and she is the Queen of Confetti! You won’t find more fabulous and unique confetti anywhere else. She is beyond talented. Jessica is my new confetti guru and confetti idol. I love anyone who quits their job to pursue their dreams. I recently quit my job last week to be a full time blogger, so I can definitely relate to saying no to the day job and pursuing your dreams. She also has her own blog called Love Colorful and she also creates amazing confetti craft ideas like the Confetti Stix you see below on the fabulous site Best Friends For Frosting.

lipstick-sweatshirtAs I said before she is super talented. The Confetti Bar currently offers specialty packaged confetti in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials (including metallic, tissue, and paper).  They also specialize in custom & exclusive confetti for any occasion. A cup of confetti comes inside each bag.


For Valentine’s Day they have an assortment of delicious confetti!

For example this fabulous confetti featuring Conversation Hearts. They are amazing to sprinkle on your table on Valentine’s Day to set the mood.


They also have Chocolate Truffles that are hand painted with the chocolate swirl…


And this amazing Be My Valentine colorful confetti mixed with metallic gold and pink hearts. My favorite colors of course!


She also has some amazing non-holiday themed confetti like this Unicorn Dandruff Confetti! How adorable is that!


And this special and incredibly made confetti that she created with the fabulous Etsy shop is beyond precious. It can only be found on this Etsy shop.


You all know how much I love confetti, so I’m thrilled to have now found the ultimate place to get my confetti fix. I’m of course will be working with Jessica to make some Muppet’s Inspired confetti for our wedding and I’m also going to work with her some make some logo confetti for this blog. Because I of course need my site logo in confetti form. Who doesn’t need personalized confetti for their blog!

It’s amazing unique and custom confetti so I’ll naturally want to talk about it ALOT!

Stay tuned for more The Confetti Bar features coming in the not so distant future. And if you’d interested in snagging some of this confetti from The Confetti Bar you might want to hurry as all batches of the confetti are made by hand, which means there is only a limited supply of each. I hear the conversation heart confetti is almost sold out! Snag yourself some amazing Valentine’s Day confetti before it’s gone!

I hope you enjoyed this special Donut and Confetti Monday Feature. Tune in next week for yet another fun post!



All photos are from The Queen of Swag, The Confetti Bar, Best Friends For Frosting, and Pearls and Pastries.