The Force Is Strong With COVERGIRL!


Hey All!

Have you heard about the amazing makeup collaboration with Star Wars and COVERGIRL in honor of the upcoming amazing new film Star Wars: The Force Awakens? I nearly lost my stuff when I heard about it…if you know what I mean. You all know how crazy of a Star Wars fan I am right? I had a Star Wars wedding for crying out loud! As soon as I saw these, I needed them in my life ASAP! Thankfully the fabulous folks at COVERGIRL answered my prayers. They were kind enough to send me a few items from this first-of-its-kind beauty collaboration. I am seriously in love with these and I can’t wait to wear this makeup on opening day of Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

COVERGIRL Global Creative Design Director Pat McGrath also designed a series of six stunning beauty looks inspired by the film, its iconic characters and key themes, using new limited-edition SKUs from the COVERGIRL Star Wars Makeup Collection, as well as existing products. The looks were designed to enable the hundreds of millions of female Star Wars fans like myself to celebrate their love of the movie, transform their look, and express multiple sides of their personalities. Of the six avant-garde looks representing the Light Side and Dark Side, here are two of the looks below!


Droid features a luminous look that reflects the Light Side in “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.” A swatch of golden eye shadow across lids and cheekbones sets the tone, with gold lipstick and gloss punctuating the lustrous palette. Droid is rocking a new metallic lip shade – COVERGIRL Star Wars Lipstick – Colorlicious in Gold #40.


Stormtrooper features a strong and graphic look to represent the power from the Dark Side. The eyes dominate with a black winged liner and white contrasts. Lips measure up in a deep, mysterious red. Stormtrooper’s edgy look is topped off with a new lip shade – COVERGIRL Star Wars Lipstick – Colorlicious in Dark Purple #50.

How amazing are those looks? I wish I could pull them off, but there is no way I would make them look that good. I’ll attempt to do my own Star Wars themed looks with this limited-edition collection of makeup for sure. The products will be available Mid-September in stores, but here is an advanced look at four of the products I was lucky to receive.


I go 2 of the 10 Super Sizer by LashBlast Mascaras featuring iconic quotes from the Star Wars films. There are 5 Light Side (waterproof) and 5 Dark Side (regular) in the Star Wars Limited Edition Collection.


They are labeled Dark Side and Light Side on each packager, which I LOVE!


Each mascara has a Star Wars themed phrase on it. The phrases range from various saying like: “May The Force Be With You”; “Do, Or Do Not, There Is No Try”; “I Feel The Good In You”; “Luminous Beings Are We”; “I Will Finish What You Started”; “There Has Been An Awakening”;“You Will Meet Your Destiny”; and “Immune To The Light”.


I got the ones that say “You’re My Only Hope”…


And “Indeed You Are Powerful”! How cute is that? I love that they have my favorite Star Wars sayings on them!

Star Wars Limited Edition Lipstick Cap Off

The collection includes 6 new Colorlicious Lipsticks in daring shades including Nude #70; Red #30; Dark Purple #50; and Lilac #20. I have to get my hand on the Red and Nude colors!


I got the Silver #10 and…


The Gold #40. Each bottom of the lipstick has it’s number printed on it. They are such fun colors to wears alone or to blend with other COVERGIRL lipsticks. They add such a fun shine to any color!


I also have to get these 3 Outlast Stay Brilliant Nail Glosses in colors Light, Nemesis, and Red Revenge. I have to have the complete collection in case you couldn’t tell.

Star Wars Nails_Speed of Light_Nemesis_Red Revenge

I love COVERGIRL products to begin with, but to have them collaborate with Star Wars is like a dream come true. It’s truly AMAZING! The force is strong with this makeup and it’s surely done a Jedi mind trick on me to make me obsessed with it. I mean how cute are the mascaras as light sabers? I can’t even handle it you guys!

Star Wars Mascara Dynamic Shot

My R2-D2 purse is now always filled with my new Star Wars: The Force Awakens makeup. I don’t leave home with out at least one of these inside my purse. I kid you not!


COVERGIRL’s Star Wars Makeup Collection will be available in mass-market, drug and food retailers starting in mid-September until supplies last. I don’t know about you, but I may just be camping out at the CVS across the street when I find out when they are coming in!

To experience the out-of-this-world line for yourself, visit! You can also follow @COVERGIRL on Twitter, Instagram and our hashtag #BeautyForce for the latest.