The Gold Confetti Journey On This Donuts and Confetti Monday!


Hey All!

Today on this Donut and Confetti Monday I wanted to take the opportunity to tell you about my adventure through Los Angeles and a slew of  Target stores to get some gold round confetti from the new Oh Joy Line.


So I was counting the days until the Oh Joy product launched on Sunday March 16th, 2014. I literally had it marked on my calendar and the time scheduled to arrive at my local Target. I was not messing around! I wanted to get this gold confetti you see above specifically for our wedding. I went online at at Midnight on the 16th and noticed all the products were online. I checked each product including the gold confetti to make sure it was in stock online and in stores. All was in stock at midnight. I figured who is going to want all that Gold Confetti? No one but me right?

WRONG! I should have just bought it all online when I had the chance. I figured it says it’s in stock in stores. I’ll just get it in the store in the morning so I don’t have to wait for it to come in the mail. I wake up at 6am so I can run to my local Target store to get the confetti. I get to the store and they had none. Bummed out I leave and come back home. I get back online and lots of products are now sold out online including the gold confetti.

I check to see which stores have it in stock in Los Angeles. It says only TWO yes TWO stores have the Gold Confetti within a 30 mile radius in Los Angeles. I head to one of the two stores that it says it’s in stock at. Same thing happens at this store. I get the manager and she looks it up and tries to see if she actually has the confetti in the back some where as it still shows online that they have it. It turns out the website is wrong and their off site warehouse has it and that’s located near the airport and they won’t have it until tomorrow.

She then lays another kicker on me that they only have TWO Bags! That’s all they were sent for the entire store. She agrees to put them on hold for me until the next day and gave me some $3 off Target coupons for my trouble. This is the second Target I went to and came out with out the confetti.

I call the final store that has them in stock and they too only have TWO bags. The woman at this store puts those on hold for me. I get to this third Target and finally got at least two bags of the confetti. The next day I finally got the other two bags at the other Target. I checked online and now it says it’s sold out all over Los Angeles. I’m thankful to have these four bags and I’m hoping they will be enough for our wedding. We’re going to sprinkle it on our guests tables. Fingers crossed.

I apparently got all the gold Oh Joy Confetti in Los Angeles. VICTORY! Only I would trek to 3 different Targets to get confetti. It’s not only sold out here in LA, it’s also sold out in New York and New Jersey. I know since I asked family and friends to look up if any of the stores have it at any Targets near them in these states and none have it!

Who knew gold confetti was such a hot item? I did because I love confetti and I guess everyone else does too!

That’s my Gold Confetti Journey folks!

Stay tuned for more Donut and Confetti fun next week!