The Newest Disney Infinity Figures For The Holidays! #HolidayGG13

I solely received these products to review and feature. All opinions are my own.

Hey All!

Disney Infinity is possibly the hottest toy for the holidays. It’s sure to be on every kids wish list for Santa to bring them Christmas day. If you’ve never heard of Disney Infinity, it’s a new gaming platform that combines fun game play and collectible figurines. There are two modes; Play Set Mode and Toy Story Mode. In Play Set Mode your character enters a world based on an existing Disney or Pixar Universe. To choose a character to “play with” you simply select a figurine and place it on the platform and your character appears.

Each play-set is specific to its corresponding character, ie; Jack Sparrow on the Pirate Ship and Sully at Monsters University. But in Toy Box Mode the possibilities are literally infinite. In Toy Box Mode you can put Mr. Incredible and big monster Sully together. In Toy Box Mode you can create your own environment and bring elements from other play-sets. Some of the creators even created a Disneyland for the characters to play in. You can create your own Disneyland! Again the possibilities are INFINITE!

Disney Infinity is available on the PS3, X-Box 360, Wii and WiiU gaming systems. The Toy Box packs come with 3 playable characters and their corresponding universes. One of  New Packs to come out for the holidays is the Disney Frozen pack featuring Anna and Elsa. It’s amazing to bring these characters into the Toy Box. The world they create is amazing for any fan of the film.


Other Character figurines coming out for the holidays are Ralph and Vanellope from Wreck it Ralph. Ralph is our favorite, so we’re over the moon to get these for Christmas.


Like knocking down stuff? Then Wreck-It Ralph is the character for you. Enjoy smashing the competition along with anything else that’s in the way, just clench those huge fists and pound up some brick dust!


The Vanellope figure compliments the Ralph character perfectly in the toy box.


And last but not least a new Rapunzel figure will be out in time for the holidays as well.


Disney Infinity is a great gift idea for the holidays. Your kids and all the gamers in your life will love it!

For More info on Disney Infinity visit the official website.