This Years Star Wars Dog Costume Reveal!


Hey All!

As you all know, we’re huge Star Wars fans! Each year we all dress up in Star Wars Costumes and we even dress our dogs like this as well. Our dog Mr. Pink is just as big a fan of Star Wars as we are! Each year we get our costumes at Costume Discounters. In the years past, Mr. Pink has dressed up in many Star Wars Costumes. He’s been an Ewok…

He’s dressed up as my favorite R2-D2…


He’s been a fearsome Wampa… (How cute is Mr. Pink as a Wampa folks? Love it!!!)


And this year thanks to the folks at Costume Discounters, he’s going to be a Batha carrying a Tusken Raider! How amazing is this costume!


There’s nothing a fan of Star Wars loves more than a Tusken Raider costume. Having a dog be a Batha is just so beyond perfect.


The costume comes with an adorable stuffed Tusken Raider attached to a harness, so it looks like they’re riding your pup through the velvet sands! Topping it off is an adorable set of horns that make your little guy the most ferocious Bantha on the planet! We had to put this Star Wars Bantha Pet Costume on him as soon as it came in the mail. It was a little big for him and we had to tie some of the strings to make them shorter in order for the Tusken Raider to stay upright.


Besides that, it’s a very well make costume. It might be better for bigger dogs. Mr. Pink enjoyed it regardless as he loves to get dressed up. The only issue was it was too hot outside to model his costume. It was 100 degrees outside when we snapped these pics! We had to come inside and you can see how we tied the strings better in the picture below. He finds it very comfortable and I’m sure by the time Halloween comes around, it will be much cooler outside to wear this costume.


He was very comfortable in it and he’s surely be a big hit on Halloween with his awesome Bantha and Tusken Raider Costume!

Thanks again to the lovely folks at at Costume Discounters for sending Mr. Pink this amazing Star Wars Costume!

They offer costumes for people as well so be sure to check them out for costumes for the whole family including your dogs!

Visit for more info!

We’re counting down the days until Star Wars: The Force Awakens, are you?



We solely received this costume to feature in this post. No compensation was received.


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