Budget Black Spire Souvenirs: Low Cost Galaxy’s Edge Mementos

Hey All!

You don’t have to break the bank in order to return home with a fun souvenir from Black Spire Outpost. Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge provides a unique experience that takes guests away from traditional theme park expectations. That means a marked difference in branding on Galaxy’s Edge merchandise. Although many of the baubles and trinkets you buy resemble artifacts from another galaxy, there are some more traditional souvenir options at a lower price point.

There are few places you can find budget friendly items to buy. Those places range from dok ondar’s den of antiquities, the toydarian toymaker, Kat Saka’s Kettle, the Milk Stand, and the Resistance Supply stands!

Here is a list of the five best Budget Black Spire Souvenirs plus some honorable mentions I just had to add!

1. Lanyard Medal or Luggage Tag
Two nice pieces of Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge memorabilia is a nice Black Spire Outpost themed luggage tag or the Lanyard Medal. The tag is only $12.99 and very sturdy and the Lanyard Medal is $14.99.  The high quality strap and tag are branded with a gray plate with a silhouetted depiction of Blackk Spire Outpost. Within the depiction of the port settlement is a Millennium Falcon taking off into space. Below the image is Black Spire Outpost in the signature font. The medal is made of metal and has some weight to it! It’s a great red color and will look perfect on those Star Wars lanyards. You can find these pictured here at the Resistance Supply stands!

2. Magnet
For $9.99 there are a few options of budget Black Spire souvenirs you can buy. One of these is a magnet. Although these magnets will not say Star Wars on them or feature traditional Disney branding, You can get magnets in the distinct images of the Leia, The Resistance Symbol, the Millennium Falcon, or Batuu. Batuu is the name of the planet Black Spire is on, so much of the Galaxy’s Edge merchandise is made to appear as though it was made on Batuu by local artisans. Again you can find the ones pictured above at the Resistance Supply stands!

3. Keychain
Another budget Black Spire souvenir that is convenient to buy and carry is a keychain. $at 9,99 it is an inexpensive and practical memento. You have a range in options of types of key chains. Some go for $13. However, these options featuring Black Spire Outpost and the Millennium Falcon are a smart choice for a simple token to remember your visit by. If you want to pay a little more you can get a keychain that says you’re the pilot of the Millennium Falcon. These too seen here are at the Resistance Supply stands!

4. Patches $9.99 single or $29.99 for a set.
For something a little bit more unique, but still a budget Black Spire souvenir, consider buying a patch or two. These travel poster inspired patches depict Batuu and the Millennium Falcon. You can also get resistance patches, droid patches and even patch sets that are combined based on theme. They make awesome accessories to clothes or a backpack and are very collectible. The set you see here is at the Resistance Supply stands.

5. Cantina Coaster FREE
One final souvenir you can easily get for free every time you visit Galaxy’s Edge is on of the gorgeous Oga’s Cantina coasters. You get one free coaster for each drink you buy. If you manage to get a nice bartender, they may give you a set of coasters with out buying a drink, but that’s really rare! Each coaster has special artwork on it and the Oga’s Cantina font and logo. It makes a nice memento and can even be framed along with photos of your visit. These coasters are currently for sale on Ebay for anyone who can’t make it to Galaxy’s Edge. Remember if you get two drinks you get two coasters. Make sure they give you two! They tried to only give me one with my two drinks.

Those were my top 5, but here are my honorable mentions!

1. The Bubo Wamba Family Farms “branded” souvenir milk jug sipper $24.99. Found at the Milk Stand! Don’t forget to try the blue or green milk. I’m team blue milk and you can get double the amount if you tell them to fill you milk jug with the drink for no extra cost!

2. The repair droid popcorn bucket! It’s $19.99 and so much fun to carry around Galaxy’s Edge! 

The popcorn is a separate charge just fyi! It’s not like the normal popcorn stands at Disneyland that give you the popcorn with the bucket.

Since this is specialty almost gourmet popcorn, they charge you separate for the popcorn. I personally did not like the popcorn, so I would just get the bucket if I were you! You can also get the round bottle sodas and batuu waters here as well!

You can see the pricing for the sodas and water below! They make great souvenirs as well!

3. One truly free item you can get is the image data card from the image scanners aka photographers around Galaxy’s Edge. You can take fun magic photos and ask them for a data card. It’s a great souvenir to take home.

This is what the card looks like. How fun is that!

4. At the toydarian toymaker you can get this cute bird convor whistle for $19.99.

Or this fun matching game for only $12.99! I got this for my son and we love it!

And if you’re looking for something you can bring back to the park and refill with snacks, check out this Resistance MRE. It’s $24.99 and filled with lots of treats to much on. You can easily refill it and bring it back with you on your next visit to Galaxy’s Edge!

And last but not least, if you’re open to spending almost $40 you can pick up one of these super cool Data Storage Units at dok ondar’s den of antiquities. It’s only $34.99 and you can store all your favorite Galaxy’s Edge pics on it or you know some plans to a death star. I’m definitely picking one of these up next time I go!

Hope you enjoyed this run down of some inexpensive items you can pick up at Galaxy’s Edge at the Disneyland Resort!

I hope it helps you bring some of the magic of the park home with out having to break the bank.

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