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Thanks to PBS for sponsoring this video! Looking for a way to support our troops? Check out American Veteran: Keep It Close On PBS!

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Hey All!

I’m super excited to partnering with a heritage tv network PBS to get the word out about their amazing show American Veteran: Keep It Close. It’s a show that showcases real veterans and their stories of struggle and perseverance.  It is so important to share these stories with the public. It’s something that is really near and dear to my heart as I come from a Navy family and my husband is an Army veteran. Programs like this are so important to honor our service men and women. They sacrifice so much to keep us and our country safe.

Watching American Veteran

Show’s like this are super important to my husband as well. He too has struggled with his time in Iraq and has so many stories to tell. It’s important to not take for granted what our service men and women do for us on a daily basis.

Watching American Veteran

This show is just a small way to honor our veterans. We can honor them by hearing their stories and sharing their stories. There are two episodes coming up on November 30th and December 14th, that you definitely want to tune into. The November 30th episode is called “Crowning Glory” and it follows Lt. Colonel Andrea Peters remembers the struggles she had early in her Army career with regulations for hair styles that overlooked the needs of Black women. She’s such an inspiration!

The December 14th episode is called “The Escape Bug” and it follows veteran Patricia Harris as she recalls her time in the Army as a combination of horror, madness, and resilience. It’s so sad these stories aren’t told more often! I’m so thankful to PBS for putting a show out there that shares these stories with the world!

Be sure to tune into American Veteran: Keep it Close on PBS on Tuesday November 30th and December 14th!

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