What Brings Me Joy…

The small things in life bring me joy.

For example…

When my family learns that I’ve had a bad day at work, they always love to take the time to cheer me up and make my day better. Seeing my two favorite guys be goofy to cheer me instantly brings me so much joy.

When we make our favorite Yoda Pancakes!

The Fact that our family has a shared love of all things Star Wars. It always bonds us together.

There is no more joyous occasion than when me and my family put up our Star Wars themed Christmas Tree the day after Thanks Giving! Isn’t it amazing. It gets better every year.

When I get to see my Parents the one time a year I get to see them.

It brings me joy when I also see how well my mother has aged! She has certainly passed on her good genes to me. Thank the lord! She’s in her late 50’s (almost 60) and still looks very good for her age. She looks like she’s still in her 40’s!

It brings me such joy knowing that I will hopefully age as well as she has. I’m about to be 30 years old very soon, but I’d like to think I don’t look a day over 21…oh hush and let me live in blissful denial.

Having my partner in crime agree with me and tell me how beautiful he thinks I am always adds to the joy.

The fact that he also ends every message that he sends me with a kiss :O*

Our crazy dog Mr.Pink who loves to dress up!

Who wouldn’t find joy in Santa Pink bringing you Christmas cheer?

My fabulous Blog and who ever follows this blog! It brings me much joy to be sharing this blog with you.

Most importantly having my unique family, friends, and life whom all bring such joy to my life.

May we all live well, love life, and have a family who loves you to support you along the way.

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