Where I GO my Igo Charge Anywhere Goes: Igo Charge Anywhere Review

Igo Charge Anywhere Review

I’m sure anyone who is reading this review has experienced the joy of having your cell phone battery constantly die on you at the worst possible times. Especially if it’s a Blackberry (like I have) or an Iphone where you use the internet or twitter on a daily basis. You’re phone most likely won’t even last half the day if you use your phone to do those things. I’m constantly on my phone since I do use it for a number of things including keeping my schedule.

Before I got this product I used to constantly worry about when my phone will die on me. I had the privilege of being able to win this product in one of the many contests I enter. It’s probably one of the best prizes I ever won being that I use it every day! It has replaced the charger that came with my blackberry phone and is constantly in my purse to use on all my cell phones in the house! My honorary hubby just got me a cheap regular Nokia phone to talk with since my blackberry tends to lose it’s signal a lot and Igo has a power tip for it so I can use Igo with my Nokia phone also!

When using it as a wall charger to charge my phones, the internal battery recharges and as soon as you unplug it’s ready to provide power to all your gadgets when you’re away from outlets. Charge in the car, at the beach, on a boat, on a plane – charge anywhere!

 Basically this product 
Charges plugged so you can use it anywhere when it’s unplugged! It’s so amazing!

I really don’t know how I have lived without this product! To be able to go to events like Comic Con and not have to worry about whether or not I forgot my charger or to charge my phone before I leave has made my life so much easier. And not having to worry about being stuck with out a phone to communicate with my family because the battery died has been a huge relief! I just take the iGo with me and all the tips for the different gadgets I have and I am all set. I love this product and feel that anyone who is sick of having their phone die on them or who is on the go or uses their phone for business should have this product!

iGo power tips are built to provide the precise amount of power required by your device. Get power tips for all your devices, ipod, blackberries, various cell phones, and use them with the charger that works where you need to charge – at home, in car or on a plane. I love it! And of course when I love a product I do research on this product and this is what I found out from their website and by doing a google search:

IGo, Inc. is based in Scottsdale, Arizona. They develop and market universal chargers for laptops and mobile devices such as mobile phones, Bluetooth® headsets, smartphones/PDAs, MP3 players, portable gaming devices, digital cameras and more.

The Company’s patented tip technology enables users to charge thousands of models of mobile devices with a single charger through the use of interchangeable power tips. iGo offers a full line of chargers for charging at home, in the office, on an airplane, in the car or from batteries. By using these revolutionary chargers and associated tips – which, in some products, enable users to power multiple devices simultaneously – mobile device users can save money and eliminate the extra weight and jumbled power cords associated with carrying multiple chargers.

Charge your devices plugged or unplugged – Charge Anywhere is a lithium ion battery pack with integrated wall charger for powering virtually any device, anywhere. While charging from the wall, Charge Anywhere also charges an 1800mAh internal battery.

This battery will provide power when plugs are unavailable
Two USB outputs for simultaneous device charging
Includes iGo USB charging cable for even lighter travel
Small and lightweight – fits in your pocket
Features fold in wall blades that easily stow away
Perfect for emergency charging or when you need power on the go

iGo power tips are compatible with over 3000 devices including mobile phones, MP3 players, smart phones, portable gaming devices, GPS devices and more!

The iGo Charger can be found at iGo.com for about $49.99 with a Blackberry tip for $7.49 (prices vary depending on gadget tip)

Every where I go I tell people to get this product the second I take it out to charge my phone. It’s such a value to have and well worth the money for the amount of stress relief it will bring! It’s such a huge life saver in this tech driven world we live in today. I’m buying one for my family members and mom this Christmas. It’s the perfect gift for anyone who has any gadget that they use on a daily basis!

* I am not receiving a sample or any compensation from the company for this review nor was I contacted by them to do this review. I won this item in a contest and simply wanted to share my love for this amazing product that I’m so grateful I won.*