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You all have been hearing me rave about Wreck it Ralph since it was announced at D23 a year ago! I was thrilled when we finally got the opportunity to see an advanced screening of the film! Wreck it Ralph is a fun, creative and touching story of acceptance and appreciation of one’s place in the world. Director Rich Moore (The Simpsons and Futurama) has crafted this incredible family friendly story about the journey of a video game bad guy to become a real hero. John C. Reily (Boogie Nights and Taladega Nights) voices the main character Ralph with a blue collar down to earth feel that makes him truly identifiable, even though he is a “bad guy.” Jack McBrayer (30 Rock) voices Fix it Felix Jr., the video game hero of the arcade in which Ralph belongs. Comedian Sarah Silverman voices Vanellope Von Schweetz, a young girl in the racing game Sugar Rush who becomes Ralph’s one true friend. Jane Lynch (Glee) is the voice of Sergeant Calhoun, a tough as nails squad leader from the arcade game Hero’s Duty, which seems to be a combination of Halo and Call of Duty.

The primary characters of the story are original creations which, while specifically created for the story, do come from games that take inspiration from actual arcade games. Ralph and his game are reminiscent of 80’s arcade games involving a certain giant donkey and the Italian plumber constantly trying to climb through an obstacle course. In the film, video game characters that actual do exist in our world make appearances. Adults are probably going to enjoy playing a kind-of “Wheres Waldo” with the characters throughout the film. Characters from popular games like Street Fighter, Pac Man, and Qbert are not just the background, but also contribute to the story. In a bad guy support group that Ralph attends Zangief from Street Fighter speaks to the group about accepting being a bad guy. Zangief’s speech, while memorable for its comedic effect, also sums up the idea the film conveys: do not let other’s perception of you dictate who you truly are.

This message is the backbone of the film and also what makes it a good film for families. The humor throughout the film is a mix of adult and immature. That being said, the only truly immature joke relates to a double meaning “Hero’s Duty.” The jokes never become more obscene or childish than that.

For emotional viewers it is recommended to bring a tissue. For those last two reasons alone, it is recommended not to take a child that is too young or can be easily startled. The film does of course end on a positive note (this is a Disney production after all) and all of the emotional scenes are wedged between humorous scenes. The various video game worlds also provide beautiful and colorful scenery that never get boring and are sure to keep very young children entertained. I honestly loved this film. It was truly the perfect Disney Animated feature in my eyes.

Wreck it Ralph is not only the most family friendly film in theaters now, it is also the most creative and original. For children it is a fun yet meaningful story that teaches acceptance. For adults it is a walk down memory lane that creates a yearning to find an arcade and play those games of the past to keep them and the child in ourselves alive. We’ve actually now seen this film 3 times in the theater and hope you all run out to see it as well!

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