A Great Deal At Albertsons!

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Hey All!

We’re staying at home 24-7, but sometimes we need to go out for necessities. That’s honestly the only time I’m going out. We only go out for walks, doctor’s appointments and necessities. Two necessities every woman obviously needs each month are pads and tampons. Luckily my favorite grocery store Albertsons is having an amazing sale on my favorite pads and tampons. Albertsons has an awesome promotion going on right now from July 20th – 25th where you can clip a digital coupon for $4.00 off  2 Always Infinity FlexFoam Pads for Women or Tampax Pearl Tampons Regular Absorbency with LeakGuard Braid. You can get this digital coupon to use for any TWO Always Radiant, Infinity, Pure, Pure Cotton, Ultra, OR Maxi Pads (10 ct or higher) (excludes Always Liners and Always Discreet). This promotion can also be found in the BrandSaver weekly paper (which can be found in stores).

You can imagine I’m stocking up on these and taking advantage since these are my favorite feminine products. Always Infinity FlexFoam Pads are my favorite because with them Zero Feel, Zero Leak Protection is Possible. 

They have extra heavy absorbency and feel like nothing when you have them on and protect like nothing else. These FlexFoam sanitary pads are unbelievably flexible and thin so your pad moves with you, not against you. They allow you to make your next move with confidence, thanks to Zero Feel protection.

Tampax Tampons are the #1 US Gynecologist Recommended Tampon brand – based on 2020 survey. Only Tampax Pearl tampons come in five different absorbencies, so you can move up or down to find what’s right for you. Your flow is different every day, so your tampon should be, too. Whatever their absorbency, all Tampax Pearl tampons feature a LeakGuard braid that helps stop leaks before they happen. The FormFit design gently expands to your individual shape, while the Smooth Removal Layer ensures amazing comfort.

Tampax Pearl tampons are free of perfume and chlorine bleaching, and clinically tested to be gentle on skin. They are my go to brand of tampons that I use.

If you’re looking to stock up on a great deal, I highly recommend you check out this amazing promotion at Albertsons going on right now from July 20th – 25th where you can clip a digital coupon or check out the BrandSaver weekly paper in store to save $4.00 off  2 of these products!

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