Adorable Wine Wear! Happy Holidays Gift Guide Feature!

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Are you heading to Holiday Parties or Thanksgiving dinners at friends and families houses this year? Do you bring the gift of wine with you to give those fabulous hostesses? Well if you do why not decorate those wine bottles with a special theme and message this Holiday Season. Wine Wear, Inc. provides a unique way to decorate wine bottles and wine glasses. With their wine accessories your wine bottles and glasses will be the topic of conversation at every dinner party you attend. Use Wine Wear products for any event, holiday, occasion, or just for fun!


This Santa Shirt with Wine Bottle tucked into his belt and Santa’s Little Helper wine wear sleeves are so adorable for the Holidays and would bring a smile to anyone’s face who receives these fun wine bottle covers.

Wine Wear is truly a simple way to decorate your wine gifts this year if you are giving wine as the gift for the Holidays.  When you take a bottle of wine as a gift you sometimes purchase a card or a wine gift bag to decorate your wine gift.  Think about how much you are spending on those two items! Save some money this year and get yourself some Wine Wear! These wine wear cards are $3.49 a piece and you have such a variety to choose from depending on the occasion.  With the holidays coming up what is really a cooler gift to bring the hostess of your next holiday party!

Like if the person getting the Wine gift really loves wine, get them this Wino card. They will get a chuckle out of it.

This Skeleton Shirt Sleeve is perfect for Halloween and it even says Happy Halloween on the back where you personalize the card sleeve.

I received this adorable Christmas sweater Sleeve card to try.

They’re truly are simple to use.  And I wanted to show you how I used mine. You just pop the sleeve open and slip it over your wine bottle like so.

On a side note, I was happy to see the card stock that was used to make the Wine Wear card was sturdy and didn’t seem like it would come apart from constant opening and closing the card. So you could potentially reuse this card sleeve if you don’t personalize it on the back.

The back of course has the to and from card written on the back to personalize if you are giving a gift.

And that’s it. You’re all set and ready to give your wine gift. How easy was that? Too easy. This design is adorable with it’s candy cane, ginger bread man, and stocking decorations.

In addition to the cards they also have fun fashion for bottles, which is also very adorable and comes in some great Holiday themes as well!  These adorable holiday fashion wear retail for $9.99.


Wine fashion Wear are sure to spice up a gift or room. I love the Snowman fashion wear since me and my family love snowmen!

They also have Wine glass Wear. Just place the Wine Wear on your glass and peal it off when done.

As a hostess with the mostess, I know I would love to get a bottle of wine with one of these fun cards instead of some boring regular card or gift bag.  Try being a little more unique this year and get a Wine Wear card or Fashion! You can find them at your local grocery store or at a Walgreens stores too! You can find out where they are sold at the website located at

You can also find more up to date info on their Facebook page located at Or at their Twitter page located at
You can also just buy your own Wine Wear fashions or cards right online on their site!

I love Wine Wear and I’m sure you will love them too as soon as you try them.

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Happy Holidays Everyone!