Yummy DIY July Fourth Glazed Doughnut Stars!

DIY-July-Fourth Star-Doughnuts-donuts

Hey All!

If you’re looking for a last minute tasty treat this July 4th, then check out these awesome Yummy DIY July Fourth Glazed Doughnut Stars! I’m always torn on spelling doughnut with a “dough” or like “donut” as in “Dunkin’ Donuts”. These are super easy to make and are the perfect patriotic treat to enjoy on this fun celebration of our independence and freedom. Who wouldn’t want to celebrate American than with some red, white, and blue sprinkle covered donuts?! I know I do! Heck I’d celebrate every day if you let me.

All you need to make these are:

  • Large Star Cookie Cutter. I used this 5 Inch one.
  • I used this amazing recipe found HERE to make these yeast raised fried doughnuts and regular sugar glaze. I did not add the strawberry to make it a simple glazed doughnut.
  • I used this delish recipe for the chocolate glaze.
  • Some amazing red, white, and blue sprinkles. I found these fun star and variety of sprinkles at The Bakers Party Shop! They have the best Sprinkles selection around!

First you follow the directions of the recipe found HERE to make your donuts. Instead of cutting them into round doughnut shapes you use your star cookie cutter to cut them into stars. You then let them rise. They won’t be perfect stars but as long as they are star shaped they are fine. You then fry up your doughnuts and let them cool.

You then make your glazes and then get ready to sprinkle them up! I made a few chocolate glazed doughnuts for the hubby as that’s his favorite. Glazed is usually a hit for the whole family!

DIY-July-Fourth Star-Doughnuts-donuts-Sprinkles

I used two different varieties of sprinkles for each star doughnut.

DIY-July-Fourth Star-Doughnuts-donuts-2

You can mix up your sprinkles or decorate your patriotic doughnuts how ever you like. Once you’re done decorating let your doughnuts sit for about 2-3 minutes so the glaze hardens up slightly.

DIY-July-Fourth Star-Chocolate-Doughnut-donuts

Once they don’t have that shine in the glaze any more you can serve and enjoy your fun sprinkle covered doughnuts.

DIY-July-Fourth Star-Doughnuts-donut

I like a lot of sprinkles on my doughnuts in case you couldn’t tell.

DIY-July-Fourth Star-Doughnuts-donuts-Stack-2

You can stack them high and enjoy!

DIY-July-Fourth Star-Doughnuts-donuts-stack

I’d eat through this entire stack if you let me! They are super yummy, not too difficult to make, and your family and guests will love them at your July 4th festivities.

I hope you enjoy these amazing donuts aka doughnuts as much as we do!

Have a fantastic Independence Day everyone!