At Home Halloween Treat Hunt + Free Printable!

Looking for a safer at home fun alternative to trick-or-treating? Check out this at Home Halloween Treat Hunt + Free Printable! It allows you to essentially trick or treat in your own home. You and your kids can search for candy all around the house.

Hey All!

I know Halloween looks a little different for all of us this year. Trick-or-Treating is not recommended, there are no Halloween parties, and it seems like Halloween is cancelled for a lot of people. I say don’t think that way and think of new ways to do things. Can’t go Trick-or-Treating? Do it at home and turn your home into Halloween treats scavenger hunt. This is just like an Easter Egg Hunt, except with Halloween treats!

It’s such a fun and simple thing to do with the family to celebrate Halloween and allow the kids to collect some candy while staying safer at home. You can do this indoors or outdoors. Inside a house or an apartment. It works anywhere! All you need to do this is Download and Print out THIS FREE PRINTABLE Halloween Treat Match Up Sheet with the Hunt Images!

You print out the treat hunt image map and the images. You hang the images around your home or back yard or where ever you’d like to do it. You place your  treat filled cauldrons or bowls next to each hanging image and let the hunt begin!

You can print it out on some white card stock so it’s more sturdy or you can laminate it, use dry erase markers to mark what you’ve found and you can use it again next year. If you don’t have a printer, you can have it printed at a store or you can download it to your phone and just use the Halloween decorations that match images on the sheet around your house. Like you can put candy next to your Pumpkin or Ghost decorations.

For our hunt we also used this spinning wheel of treats sign at each treat station we found.

Kids love to spin it and it shows them how many treats they can get! That way they don’t empty each station themselves.

We did an early treat hunt to test it out to see if our toddler would like it and he LOVED it!

He loved spinning the wheel and counting how many treats he could take out of the cauldron. He turned it into a counting game.

He would grab his treats and then put them into his little pumpkin reusable bag and move on to search for the next image around our apartment.

Since we’re in an apartment we put it anywhere we thought was safe that he would be able to easily reach.

He loved the treats inside little cauldrons at the base of each of the images. You can use any cauldron you have or snag THIS ONE from Target!

I filled my cauldrons with everything from toys, to a Mickey Pumpkin Bubble Wand, to Halloween Frosted Animal Cookies, Dunkaroos and Halloween Pretzels. We used this reusable pumpkin tote bag as his candy hunt bag.

You can do this as many times as you wants and include any treats you want. It’s such a fun easy Halloween activity families with kids of all ages can enjoy.

I hope you love this little Halloween Treat Hunt Idea as much as I do!

Remember if you do this with your family and share it on social media, please tag me @BriteandBubbly everywhere! I love to see how your Halloween treat hunts went and share them!

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