Our Thoughts On Vacation Friends! A Spoiler Free Review!

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Vacation Friends explores that thing we have all experienced; the idea that the way we act while on vacation, and the friends we have fun with on vacation, are different compared to our regular daily lives. Directed and co-written by Clay Tarver (Joyride and Silicon Valley), Vacation Friends is the latest wacky summer comedy which will be streaming on Hulu on August 27, 2021.


This comedy stars Lil Rel Howery (Get OutFree Guy) as Marcus, the groom to be for the happy couple. Yvonne Orji (NightschoolInsecure) stars as Marcus’ fiancée Emily. Meredith Hagner (Search Party) is Kyla, the wild and fun loving female counterpart of the couple whom Marcus and Emily meet while on vacation in Mexico. And finally, John Cena (F9 The Fast SagaThe Suicide Squad 2021) has non-stop and ridiculous fun as Ron, the male counterpart of the wild couple who while frighteningly unpredictable, is also fiercely loyal.


By the title, you might assume that Vacation Friends has the film take place over the span of a whole vacation. In fact, the vacation is only the beginning. Some of the craziest and funniest parts (very Hangover type absurdities) occur within the first 20 minutes or so; and that is the extent of the actual vacation. The film picks up some time later as Marcus and Yvonne are getting married. Having to deal with the stress that comes from getting married, disapproving future in-laws, and now a crazy couple whom they thought they would never see again, Yvonne and Marcus are in for the weekend of their lives and by the end of it will never be the same.


The comedy of Vacation Friends is filled with real people caught in wild and unpredictable situations. The heart of the film is in the unlikely friendship and loyalty which develops between the characters. There are several vulgarities, sexual humor, and drug humor moments that are completely inappropriate for minors. This is a comedy for adults and a fun departure from anything that could be bogging you down at the moment. Vacation Friends is rated R.


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Check out the Red Band Trailer below! Again this is a trailer for mature adult audiences only!

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