Celebrating Our Mexican Heritage With A Frozen Strawberry Margarita!

Hey All!

It’s the start of Hispanic Heritage Month and we’re celebrating by sharing some of our favorite recipes from Mexico, Puerto Rico and Peru. I’m Puerto Rican and Cuban and my husband is Mexican, Italian and Native American. We’ve got a heck of a lot of family recipes to share and thanks to a fun partnership with Kroger/Ralphs. They have some awesome in-store promotions and coupons you can download to your Kroger or Ralphs App to use during Hispanic Heritage Month. The coupons and promos feature some of our favorite brands that would make great food pairings with our Frozen Strawberry Margarita Recipe! You can use these promos and coupons to try some new and delicious Hispanic dishes!

Kroger as “THE” destination for getting your essentials for Hispanic cuisines! It’s a foodie paradise that includes brands and flavors of every culture. It’s where we shop for all our groceries and it’s where I got all the ingredients for the quick and easy Frozen Strawberry Margarita recipe I’m going to share with you today! In case you didn’t know, we love our margaritas! It’s a Mexican drink staple and my husband was kind enough to share his family’s favorite recipe with us today.

Here is how to make it:

  • 3 oz Jose Cuervo® Especial gold tequila
  • 1 oz Triple Sec
  • 2 oz Sweet and Sour Mix
  • 3 oz Frozen Strawberry Margarita Mix
  • 1 Pinch of Chile Powder
  • 1 Cherry For Garnish
  • Drink Umbrellas
  • Cocktail Shaker

First you pour in your frozen strawberry margarita mix into the cocktail shaker.

You then pour in the sweet and sour mix, followed by the tequila and triple sec.

Add a small pinch of chile powder to give the margarita a unique little kick of flavor.

Place the lid on the cocktail shaker and shake/blend until you have a nice mix. The shaker will freeze up and be very cold, so don’t shake for long or your hand will get very cold.

Open the cocktail shaker and pour your frozen strawberry margarita into chilled margarita glass.

Place a cherry onto drink umbrella and place it into your margarita glass for garnish. That’s it you’re done! You can serve and enjoy this quick and delicious Strawberry Margarita with your friends and family! Remember you have to be 21 years old and over to drink and make this folks!

With temperatures still being in the 90’s here in Los Angeles, I need lots of frozen drinks like this to keep us cool.

I hope you enjoy our delicious family margarita recipe just as much as I do. We’re keeping our Mexican roots alive one frozen margarita at a time!

Check out the Kroger/Ralphs website HERE for some awesome coupons and promos! You can also find more amazing Hispanic themed recipes for Hispanic Heritage Month. I hope you’ll join me in celebrating our amazing culture and recipes!

Thanks for supporting the amazing brands like Kroger/Ralphs who keep this Brite & Bubbly party going!

Stay tuned for our Puerto Rico and Peru themed recipes coming up soon!



This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Kroger. The opinions and text are all mine.