Colorful Toddler At Home Learning: Learning Resources Educational Toys!

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I know a lot of my fellow Millennial Moms are now getting into the Toddler pre-school and nursery school phase. We all hoped our toddlers would be in those programs at this time, but sadly it’s not looking like this pandemic is ending any time soon. When I accepted we were going to be at home with a toddler for some time, I knew I needed to do something to keep him learning and engaged each day. I knew I also needed to get him on a school day like schedule. I came up with the idea of organizing some at home learning themes with matching toys for each school day. I’m setting aside time each weekday for school time. These themes include everything from colors, to science, to stem. I’ll be sharing themes and also showcasing all the amazing educational toys that I’m using during each themed day. We were lucky to be sent some amazing learning toys from Learning Resources, Educational Insights, and hand 2 mind to help us with our at home learning. We’re kicking our series of at home learning posts off with today’s theme of Colors! Our most favorite colorful and color learning toys are from HERE! They make amazing toys that help your toddlers learn everything from colors, to letters, and social-emotional learning (SEL).

Before I get into how we use our Learning Resources toys as part of our at home learning, here is what our Colorful themed learning day schedule consists of:

7AM – 8AM: Eat Breakfast
8AM – 9AM: Colorful Learning Toy Play
9AM – 10:30AM: Color Themed Books/Reading Time
10:30AM – 11AM: Morning Snack
11AM -12AM: Free Play time and clean up time (Color block hop scotch)
12PM – 12:45PM: Lunch
12:45PM – 1PM: Color Themed Books/Reading Time
1:15PM – 3:30PM: Nap Time
3:30PM – 4:30PM: Snack and Learning Colors themed show to watch (No more than 30 minutes.)
4:30PM – 5:30PM: Sensory play (Digging for colorful fruit and vegetables toys in rice)
5:30PM – 6PM: Colors themed show to watch (No more than 30 minutes. He gets an hour of tv max a day.)
6PM – 6:30PM: Dinner
6:30PM – 7PM: Mousercise (Disney themed Exercise for the whole family)
7PM – 8:30PM: Getting Ready for bed (Bath time, brush teeth, etc.)
8:30PM: Bedtime

We do our best to stick to this type of schedule Monday through Friday. We adapt it to each themed day. We’re trying to teach him the structure of what school will be like early.


Ok on to our learning toys and activities:

We love these learning toys!

For our colors themed day we learning toys during out learning toy play time and during free play time. We love to use these Learning Resources Learning Avocados. How cute are they folks?

They help him learn his colors, build fine motor skills, early matching skills, and social emotional learning. They are for ages 18 months and up. Using our learning play time to play with these will build his early fine motor, color, and social-emotional learning (SEL) skills. They are sized just right for little hands and this set’s 4 avocados pop apart and click shut with ease. They also help kids build hand strength, coordination, and other essentials of fine motor skills development every time they open and close.

There’s even more learning fun to be found inside; each avocado features a different colored interior, as well as a spinning pit with two emoji-style faces that change with every roll.

Whether the avocados are happy or sad, sleepy or mad, or just feeling other big feelings, they’re always ready to have a good time—work on social-emotional development by designing your own SEL game! When the avocado adventures are done for the day, the Learn-A-Lot Avocados fit snugly inside their included crate for easy storage and clean-up. Living in an apartment with limited space, we love learning toys that we can easily store!

For learning our colors, abc’s, and vocabulary we use these Learning Resources ABC Cupcake Party Toppers. These are for Ages 3+, so we don’t use all the peg toppers yet. He’ll get all the toppers next year. We let him play with the cupcakes and some toppers while we supervise. I’m sure one will end up in his mouth right now if we let him use them all. These are great Kids will learn alphabet and early language skills.

This set’s six pretend cupcakes come ready to decorate with 56 letter and picture toppers that help kids work on learning the alphabet, mastering beginning sounds, building vocabulary skills, and more.

When playtime ends, the toy cupcakes reveal their neatest trick yet: all 56 toppers store inside the 6 cupcake bases! Again super easy to store and clean up after use!

Another learning toy we use for learning our colors and abc’s are the Learning Resources Snap-n-Learn Llamas. These are perfect for his age as they are for 18 months and up. These adorable colorful llamas are help kids learn letter and early color matching every time they mix and match the Snap-n-Learn Letter Llamas. Each of this set’s 13 two-piece llamas comes with uppercase and lowercase letters on each side of their saddles, which gives toddlers a fun, hands-on way to learn their letter-matching skills. It also helps them recognize their upper case and lower case letters. They are perfectly sized for little hands and I’m obsessed with the vibrant bright colors.

These cute llamas come in five vibrant colors ready to help toddlers work on early color matching skills!

The Snap-n-Learn Letter Llamas pop apart and push back together with ease, helping little ones build hand strength, coordination, and other essential fine motor skills every time they play.  They come inside a reusable plastic storage tub, which makes clean-up and storage so easy!

And last, but not least one of our most FAVORITE learning toys is this Learning Resources Farmer’s Market Color Sorting Set! I bought this toy set for him myself and he’s been obsessed with it since he got it. It’s for Ages 3 and up, but The foods and buckets are very large, so we’ve used it with him perfectly fine and he’s not 3 yet. Obviously you have to do what ever you feel is right with your own child and always supervise toddlers at all times when they are playing. With these he learns his colors by sorting them into each bucket and he learns his fruits and vegetables. It comes with over 30 different fruits and vegetables and your children will be able to learn their foods and colors with the included matching baskets, as well as the importance of healthy eating. They are made from an extremely durable plastic, which will make this play food set last for years of fun learning.

Some times a few llamas get sorted into the bins as well. Hey it’s still color sorting, so why not!

Those are just a few of our favorite color learning toys! You can find even more amazing learning toys from Learning Resources that you can use during your own at-home learning on their website HERE.

I highly recommend them and they have made our learning so much more fun! There toys are very well made and creative. They are the perfect learning toys for my bubbly toddler!

Stay tuned next week for our Science learning day with Educational Insights and our Numbers/Early Kindergarten Prep Learning Days with hand 2 mind learning tools!

Thanks again to Learning Resources for sending us some of their amazing toys! We buy them already, so it’s amazing to have the opportunity to feature a brand we love and use daily for our learning!

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