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I know being hispanic, at least in my family, we take care of our elderly family members. They live with us and we take care of them until they pass as a sign of love and respect. I know providing care for your aging family members is a sensitive subject but I would like to show a little support other Latina/o caregivers with useful information and resources that can help ease their stress.

When my grandmother, who passed and I miss so much since she helped raise me, was battling Cancer and I would have to take her to her appointments and clean her and bathe her and cook for her when my mother couldn’t. She had five children and me and my mom were the ones to do the most for her. I digress…

It was extremely hard to do while raising a family, working, and going to school. I honestly don’t know how I did it since we couldn’t afford 24 hour nurse care for her. She had a nurse some days of the week, but not every day of the week. I wish she had a professional caregiver or I had access to back then as it would have helped so much! But alas we couldn’t afford one, but we did the best she could and in the end she did get loving care that was provided to her through until the end.

Comfort Plus is a great resource for caregivers if you are one! Many Hispanics in our country are caregivers according to a recent study!

According to several research centers there are over 50 million Hispanics in the United States. Hispanics make up over 16% of the total population of the country. In recent years, companies, organizations, and politicians in the United States have made efforts to accommodate this substantial part of the population that had not received much attention in prior years. One major issue that has been overlooked is the aging group within the Hispanic population and the people that take care of them. This paper aims to inform the reader about the issues that the aging Hispanic population and its caregivers face, and offers some suggestions to how Comfort Plus, Inc. intends to alleviate the financial, environmental, social, and physical strains that caregivers and their loved ones encounter.

Hispanic adults have a lower prevalence of many chronic health conditions than the U.S. adult population as a whole. However, they have a higher prevalence of diabetes than do non-Hispanic white adults, and they are also more likely to be overweight.

The White Paper reports that 9 out of 10 caregivers interviewed cited that they need more information on a variety of caregiver topics and managing incontinence issues, was a top concern.

The newly revamped website ( with a dedicated Spanish-language section, “Comfort Plus Para Ti” provides bilingual access to pertinent care giving informational resources for Hispanic caregivers while helping users find the correct caregiver and incontinence products they need.

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