Conversation Heart Petit Fours!

Hey All!

We’re kicking off our Valentine’s Day and Galentine’s Day content today with these super cute and easy to make Conversation Heart Petit Fours! Who wouldn’t love a little heart box filled with these yummy little cake bite petit fours? I know I would. I actually would love these over chocolate, because eating a lot of chocolate sometimes gives me heartburn. I know! TMI! If you have a friend, bestie, bae, boyfriend or girlfriend who prefers tasty treats to chocolate for Valentine’s Day or Galentine’s Day, these are the treats for you!

You can write anything you’d like on them and pair them with some real conversation heart candies!

Here is how to make them!

Sorry, I forgot to take in process shots. I’m still in a coming back to work haze. It’s super simple!

First you cut a slice of pound cake while it’s still frozen, and then use your heart cookie cutter to cut out the heart shapes. You cut out as many as you’d like to fit in your gift box.

Take your fondants colors and roll them out one at a time. Place the little heart shaped piece of cake and cut out a fondant piece that will be wide enough to drape over the heart cake piece. It should reach all the way to the back of the piece of heart cake.

Place the fondant on each piece of cake and smooth it out with your roller. Pinch the fondant together in the back and place it into a pink candy cup. You’ll do this for all your fondant colors.

Take out your food coloring markers and begin to write a phrase on each little petit four.

You can write “I love you” or “Netflix is BAE”…

XOXO and more! Put them in a little heart shaped box with some cute pink shredded paper and candy conversation hearts and you’re ready to gift!

How simply and cute are these folks?! Love them!

I hope you love and enjoy these cute Conversation Heart Petit Fours just as much as I do! They are so yummy!

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