New Years Eve Disco Ball Cookie Cake!

Looking for a festive treat to ring in the new year with? Check out our New Years Disco Ball Cookie Cake!

Disco Ball Cookie Cake

Hey All!

Can you believe we’re already heading into 2024! I feel like the year has flown by and it was another hard year. I’m thankful for the new begging that 2024 will bring. If you’re looking for a quick and easy treat to make for New Years Eve, check out our New Years Disco Ball Cookie Cake!

Disco Ball Cookie Cake

It’s so fun and festive to make and it’s easy to make. You know that’s how we roll around here. If it ain’t easy we ain’t doing it! You can make this with probably what you have in the house right now or with a quick run to the grocery store.

Here is how to make it!

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Disco Ball Cookie Cake

  • Store bought Sugar Cookie Dough
  • Various Silver Sprinkles and Candies
  • Silver Edible Spray
  • Large Circle Cookie Cutter (Or you can make mini versions with a small circle cookie cutter)
  • Store Bought White Frosting or Icing
  • Pipping bag

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Disco Ball Cookie Cake

First I rolled out the cookie dough and cut out two large circles. I baked them according to the instructions on my cookie dough. You can use your own cookie recipe or use store bought sugar cookie dough.

I took them out of the oven and let the two cookies cool.

Disco Ball Cookie Cake

Once the cookies were cool, I placed the frosting into the pipping bag and then began pipping dollops of frosting around one of the cookies.

I then added the other cookie on top and added more dollops to the top. Once that was done, I sprayed the whole cookie cake with edible silver spray.

Disco Ball Cookie Cake

Lastly I added the silver sprinkles and candies to the top.

And that’s it. Place in the fridge and serve it at your New Years Eve festivities!

Disco Ball Cookie Cake

Happy New Years everyone! I’m so thankful to have had another year with you!

Here’s to another year together!

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