DIY Edible Donut Checkers Game!

DIY Edible Donut Checkers

Hey All!

You’ll have to find something to do in between donut eating today for National Donut Day. We’ve got just the activity for you to do! Play a game of checkers with some DIY Edible Donut Checkers! They are so cute and easy to make. The best part about this game is you can either eat the chocolate donut game pieces as you go or at the end. The winner can eat the losers game pieces. Who wouldn’t want to eat all that yummy chocolate? Nom Nom Nom! I know I do. Checkers was one of my favorite games to play growing up, so I couldn’t think of anything better to turn into a Donut themed DIY!

Here is how you make this adorable edible game!

Donut Checkers DIY Supplies


A Mini Silicon Donut Pan

White Chocolate Candy Melts and Milk Chocolate Candy Melts

Vanilla Custard Chocolate Candy Melts

Pink and Purple Chocolate Candy Coloring ( You can’t use regular food coloring on chocolate melts unfortunately) You can make the donuts any color you’d like with this chocolate coloring bundle of colors!


Pink Checker Board

Disposable Pipping Bags


For the purple mini donuts, you place some sprinkles inside the mini donut cavities of your mini donut pan.

DIY Donut Checkers Step 1

You then melt your white chocolate for about a minute in a half in the microwave and mix in your chocolate coloring colors. We did pink and purple since they are my favorite colors!

DIY Donut Checkers Step 2

We then melted up the milk chocolate candy melts as well! We then put them into the pastry bags to fill the donut try with the chocolate. We first did the purple layer of chocolate on top of the sprinkles. We followed it with the milk chocolate layer. We put the try in the freezer for the chocolate to harden once we filled all the donut cavities on the tray.

DIY Donut Checkers Step 3

We did the same process to create the pink mini donut pieces except we used vanilla custard chocolate candy melts to melt for the second layer. We love it since it’s got sprinkles in it and makes the donuts look like funfetti donuts! You place them in the freezer too to harden and then you remove them from the fridge when you’re ready to play.

DIY Donut Checkers Board

You don’t want to take these out of the fridge until you have your board and everything ready to play. You don’t want your chocolate donut checkers to start melting on you.

You set up your checker board, place your mini donuts by color on each side and play!

DIY Edible Purple Donut Checkers

Remember you need to make 16 pieces of donut checkers for each player in each color to have a complete checker board.

DIY Edible Pink Donut Checkers

This game is the perfect game to enjoy in between donuts today for National Donut Day!

DIY Edible Donut Checkers And Donuts

How cute is the pink on pink donut action below!!

Pink DIY Edible Donut Checkers!

You can stack up your donuts as you play!

DIY Edible Donut Checkers Stack

It truly is the cutest game of checkers I’ve ever played!

DIY Edible Donut Checker Pieces

Don’t forget you can take a bite from all the pieces as you win!

Yummy DIY Edible Donut Checkers!

This is a super fun way to celebrate National Donut Day!


I hope you have a blast today and enjoy lots of YUMMY Donuts!

DIY Donut Checkers Fun

I know we will!

Happy National Donut Day everyone!

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