Free Printable Grinchmas Shaker Cards!

Looking for a way to spread a little Grinchmas cheer this year? Check out these easy to make Free Printable Grinchmas Shaker Cards!

Hey All!

I don’t know about you, but my family and I love celebrating Grinchmas every year. Usually around this time of year we are at Universal Studios Hollywood celebrating Grinchmas with the Grinch. Sadly we aren’t able to do that this year, so I wanted to make a little Grinchmas fun at home. I made these fun and easy to make Free Printable Grinchmas Shaker Cards! We’re going to be sending these out to our fellow Grinchmas loving friends and family. I also made these Grinchmas Cookie Bars that would go perfectly with these cards. You can make a cute Grinchmas themed gift with both of these and leave a little cookie gram on someone doorstep for the holidays.

You can add these to any gift or just make these as your holiday cards this year. You can fill them with fake peppermint sprinkles or real sprinkles or candy! You can customize these however you’d like and write any message you’d like inside.

Here is how to make them:

First you Downloand and Print Our Free Printable Grinchmas Card onto white cardstock. You print and cut out however many card you’d like to make.

You then fold your cards in half. You then place whatever you’d like to place inside the dome onto the middle of the blank circle ornament on the card.

Peel the backing off the dome, so it’s sticker backing is visible.

Stick the dome onto the card around the sprinkles and that’s it! You’re done! Super simple as I said!

You can fill these with candy and kids can open them up and enjoy a little Christmas treat.

Pair them with some green envelopes and give or send them out.

I love how these came out! They are so much fun to make!

I also love how quick and easy they are to make. Kids will especially love to shake the cards! These aren’t meant for small kids as there are small items in this that they can swallow. So don’t give these to small kids. Just a heads up!

Shake Shake Shake them and celebrate Grinchmas!

Hope you like these fun DIY cards as much as I do!

Happy Grinchmas folks!

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