DIY Hocus Pocus Witch Pumpkins!

Hey All!

We still have a few last minute Halloween DIY ideas up our sleeves. This is the year of Hocus Pocus because of the 25th Anniversary of the movie. I wanted to celebrate the movie by making these DIY Hocus Pocus Sanderson sisters witch pumpkins. How fun are these folks? Love them! They are super easy to make and they are the perfect no-carve pumpkins for Halloween. They remind me of cute emoji versions of the sisters.

Here is how to make them.

  • 3 Beige Pumpkins from Target. I used THESE!
  • White Printable Vinyl.
  • Yellow, Orange and Purple Craft Foam.
  • Black Stick-on Vinyl.
  • Scissors.
  • This Free Printable Template!

To make Winifred Sanderson you simply cut out a heart like top round piece from the orange craft foam with your scissors. Cut out a peaked center piece from the middle like you see above. Cut out the eyes and mouth using the free printable template. I used the Cricut cutting machine to cut out the eyes. Stick on the eyes, mouth, and glue on the hair piece to the pumpkin.

You do the same for the Sarah Sanderson except you cut out the hair more like two long pieces on each side.

For the Mary Sanderson, which is my favorite, You cut it like a purple cupcake swirl top hair.

These are the simplest and easiest pumpkins to make.

If you’re looking to decorate some pumpkins this weekend while you get ready for Halloween, these are the pumpkins for you!

Just put on the movie Hocus Pocus or the Hocus Pocus Anniversary party on Freeform and have some fun making these pumpkins!

I hope you love this cute Halloween pumpkin DIY idea as much as I do!  They’ll put a spell on you! Yes I’m singing that song as I type this!

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