DIY Ice Cream Party Hats!

Hey All!

So this is by far the simplest DIY I’ve ever done and it literally takes only a few minutes to make, if you have a Cricut Cutting machine. If you don’t, it will take you a little longer to make these super cute and fun DIY Ice Cream Party Hats! They are so fun and perfect for any ice cream themed party or for just any party you feel like adding a little cuteness too! Heck they would even make a perfect Halloween costume had, if you decide to dress as something ice cream themed! How fun is that!

Here is how to make them!


  • You’ll need these fun sprinkle covered mini party hats. I found them in the dollar section at Target! Hunt until you find them! If not find any white mini party hats and use some thin point markers to draw sprinkles on the hats. You can also just use some craft glue and gold glitter to make the rim.
  • Red Cardstock
  • Cricut Craft Cutting Machine
  • In the Cricut Design Space I Used Cherry Red #M39507 Paisley to cut the cherries out.
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • If you don’t have a Cricut, use scissors to cut out Cherry shapes.

First you’ll make your sprinkle hats, if you can’t find these already made ones in the Target Dollar section.

You’ll then use your Cricut cutting machine to cut out as many cherries as you’ll need for your hats. If you don’t have a Cricut, do your best to cut out some cherry shapes with your scissors.

Heat up your hot glue guns and glue a cherry to the top of each hat.

You’ll place the cherry in the center of the hat, not near the area where the hat comes together.

You’ll place a cherry on each hat and you’re done! How simple is that folks?! I know!

They are the cutest and most simplest party hats I’ve ever made!

I hope you love them as much as I do! This ice cream queen thinks they are divine! I love them sooooo much!

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