DIY Kiss Kiss Wink Wink Easter Eggs!


Hey All!

As the Easter Party train get’s rolling I have to share with you some of the most adorable eggs I’ve ever made for the holiday. I’m OBSESSED with these eggs. I call them my DIY Kiss Kiss Wink Wink Easter Eggs as they are covered and kisses and adorable winks. I’m all about the Winks lately. I was actually inspired to make these because I’m obsessed with these Kate Spade Wink Earrings I got. The second I saw these earrings I had to have them. Check them out below as I of course had to instagram them. Are you following me on Instagram by the way? I hope you do! I digress…Back to Easter Eggs.

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How awesome are those earrings?! I wear them all the time. When I was pondering what DIY, Crafts, and Recipes to make for Easter to share with you all making some Kiss Kiss Wink Wink eggs was the first thing to actually pop into my mind and I love how they came out!


To Make These You’ll Need:

  • A Cricut Explore Electronic Cutting Machine.
  • Black and Pink Vinyl (Or what ever color you’d like to make them with).
  • White Cardstock, Glue Dots, and Scissors if you prefer to print these out and not use vinyl if you don’t have a Cricut.
  • Assorted Acrylic paint colors for your eggs. I have a sent of Martha Stewart Crafts Satin Paints I use for practically everything along with some Folk Art Paints. You can see the colors I used below, but you can use any color you’d like.
  • A Dozen eggs or how ever many eggs you’d like to make.
  • Egg Cups for presentation.


First you boil your eggs until they are hard bowl for 8-10 minutes. You don’t want eggs that can break easily on you so you of course need to boil.


You then paint your eggs. I chose a magenta, turqoise, and purple color to paint with.


I did a light mint like blue, blush pink, and lilac color as well. Let your eggs dry completely for at least an hour.


I then uploaded this image BELOW into my Cricut Explore machine and set it to cut vinyl.  You can also CLICK BELOW and PRINT OUT the PDF below and cut these little faces out. It’s a little harder but you can make these with out a Cricut Machine. You simply cut the shapes out and stick them on to your eggs with a glue dot. Boom your done and they look cute that way as well. I just prefer to use vinyl as it’s a little cleaner of a look.


I cut out all the little faces I would need from Pink and Black vinyl with my Cricut Explore. It makes it so simple to make these Easter Eggs as it’s like your just putting stickers on eggs to decorate. You could place the stickers on how ever you’d like and you can even use a variety of colors of vinyls.


I then got to sticking on my faces and this is how they came out! LOVE THEM!


I’ve got some dudes with kisses on their faces.


We have two varieties of mustaches to choose from for the dudes eggs.


This is my favorite of the guy eggs below. He’s beyond adorable with his turqoise color and stache!


For the ladies I gave this eyes that wink with closed lips.


I can’t decide if I love the pink or the purple more? What do you think?


I also have these closed eyes and puckered lips faces as she’s ready to give some kissy kissy! So darn cute!


There are two varieties of boy and girl eggs to give your eggs a fun unique look.


You can even combine different color vinyls like I did for this egg below. I added the closed winking eyes with the pink vinyl lips. So darn cute!


Forgive me for taking a hundred pics of my eggs but I LOVE LOVE LOVE how these came out. I would keep them forever if I could.


Here’s the whole group. Their all ready to Kiss Kiss and Wink Wink their way to all your Easter Festivities. These would be the coolest eggs at the Easter Egg hunt I tell you!


Easter is so much fun to do DIY and Crafts for! Stay tuned for more Easter fun coming your way!

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