DIY Mini Easter Baskets Filled With Popcorn Bunny Food!

DIY-Mini-Easter Basket-Popcorn-Bunny-Food

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Are you ready for some more Easter Fun?! Today I wanted to share another fun collaboration with The Bakers Party Shop. It’s somthing you can do easily just in time for Easter. In case you didn’t see my fabulous Mini Easter Egg No Bake Cakes Post, They are a fabulous shop that is my go to for all my fun sprinkles, baking, and party supplies.You should definitely check them out! For Easter I thought how much would the kids love to leave out a special treat for the Easter Bunny for Easter morning. We do it for Santa, Why not the Easter Bunny right? Only this one they can enjoy Eating themselves! I decided to make some DIY Mini Easter Baskets Filled With Popcorn Bunny Food! It’s a popcorn mix drizzled with chocolate and mixed with Easter candies. Some of the candies I even made myself. You’ll have to check out my Surprise Easter Carrot Favor Bags post for how to make the Easter chocolates.

DIY-Mini-Easter Basket-Popcorn-Bunny-Food-Supplies

To Make These Adorable DIY Mini Easter Baskets Filled With Popcorn Bunny Food You’ll Need:

DIY-Mini-Easter Basket-Popcorn-Bunny-Food-Sprinkles

  • The cute Popcorn Boxes
  • These adorable Rock Candy Sticks (Which are all hand painted by the way!)
  • Glue Dots
  • Paper Cutter or Scissors
  • Pink and white Cardstock
  • 1 Pack of Microwavable Popcorn or Any popcorn you prefer!
  • Chocolate Candy Melts in assorted colors

First click on the image BELOW to print out the BUNNY FOOD FREE PRINTABLE FLAGS onto white cardstock.


Then you start to make your Easter Bunny food popcorn mix.

First you melt your chocolate candy melts and then drizzle the chocolate onto the popcorn.


You add sprinkles and candies through out and then continue to add as many layers of chocolate, sprinkles, and candy as you’d like. Mix it all together and let it sit.


Then you move on to your Mini Easter Baskets and Bunny food flags!

DIY-Mini-Easter Basket-Popcorn-Bunny-Food-Flags-Step-1

You cut 1 inch strips for the pink cardstock with your paper cutter or scissors. You then take each strip and attach them with glue dots to your Popcorn Boxes.

DIY-Mini-Easter Basket-Popcorn-Bunny-Food-basket-Step-1

Boom you have a cute Mini Easter basket. They you cut out your Bunny Food flags from your free printable with the paper cutter or scissors and stick them onto the Rock Candy Sticks with some glue dots as well.

DIY-Mini-Easter Basket-Popcorn-Bunny-Food-Flags-Step-2

Place your popcorn mix into the mini Easter Baskets along with your Bunny Food flags and you’re done!

DIY-Mini-Easter Basket-Popcorn-Bunny-Food-basket-Step-2

How cute are these! They are so simple to make and the perfect Easter treat to enjoy with your family!

DIY-Mini-Easter Basket-Popcorn-Bunny-Food-basket

I hope you enjoy these DIY Mini Easter Baskets and Popcorn Bunny Food as much as we do!


Thanks so much to The Bakers Party Shop for this fun collaboration! Be sure to check out their shop and blog for more great Easter ideas! They also have an Etsy shop you can find HERE.


Stay tuned for more fun collaborations with The Bakers Party Shop!

More Easter fun is coming your way !

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