DIY Mini Rainbow Bundt Cakes + Free Printable Saint Patrick’s Day Cake Banner!

DIY-Mini Rainbow Bundt Cakes

Hey All!

I’m closing out my Saint Patrick’s Day content with a bang and starting up Easter tomorrow! I figured I’d save this rainbow deliciousness for last! Check out these super cute DIY Mini Rainbow Bundt Cakes! There is also a Free Printable Saint Patrick’s Day Cake Banner that you can print and download to decorate them with as well. If you feel the need to decorate them for Saint Patrick’s Day. These mini cakes are perfectly festive by themselves, but a little cake banner never hurt nobody. I’m all about the more cute the better.

I literally had to stop myself from eating all these mini rainbow bundt cakes myself!

Cute Mini Rainbow Bundt Cakes

To make these adorable little cakes you’ll need:

DIY Mini Rainbow Bundt Cakes Ingredients



First you mix your cake batter according to the boxed cake mix instructions. You then divide the mix into 6 bowls. Mix in one of each food color into each bowl and stir the colors in until it’s completely mixed into the cake batter. Sorry I forgot to take pics of this when I was making it. That’s my bad!

You then pour each mixed colored cake batter carefully into the pastry squeeze bottles. Since these bundt cakes are super small, you need something with a thin tip to pour the batter into. Spray your bundt cake pan with non-stick baking spray.

DIY Mini Rainbow Bundt Cakes Step 1

You then squeeze each color into each of the bundt cake pans cavities in a circular motion (like you see above). You first start with red, then orange, yellow, green, blue, and lastly purple. You bake around the time you would bake cupcakes, but be sure to check them at least 5-10 minutes before that time, as they may be done already.

Mini-Rainbow Bundt Cakes

Let the cakes cool and you can top them with icing, sprinkles, or my favorite Lucky Charms marshmallows!

DIY Mini Rainbow Bundt Cakes

Nothing says Saint Patty’s Day like Lucky Charm marshmallows! You just sprinkle them on top of the cakes and serve!

Easy DIY Mini Rainbow Bundt Cakes

You can stack the cakes or eat them individually.

Easy Mini Rainbow Bundt Cakes

Either way, they taste amazing and look fabulous! You’ll definitely want to eat these as soon as they are made because you don’t want the marshmallows to get sticky or the cake to get hard.

If you want to make the banner for your cake, here’s how to do that!


First you need to print out your banner bunting. This amazing festive banner was created for me by the awesome Mari from


DIY Mini Rainbow Bundt Cake Banner Printable

You can cut it out with scissors or use the print and cut feature on a Cricut Explore to cut it out. That’s what I did to make it a little cleaner.

You simply stick the front side of the banner pieces onto a piece of rainbow tape. You seal off the back with another piece of rainbow tape.

DIY Mini Rainbow Bundt Cake Banners

You then wrap the tape around your sticks and stick the sticks into some stacked up mini rainbow bundt cakes. That’s it! You’re done! You have a super simple and easy to make cake banner and a little cake set up any Leprechaun would love to get his hands on!

Saint Patrick's Day Cake Banner Printable

How ever you decide to serve these, either way is perfect for Saint Patrick’s Day!  I’m sure who ever gets to enjoy them will love them!

Mini Rainbow Bundt Cakes

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

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Have a Happy Saint Patrick’s Day folks!