Easy DIY Easter Marshmallows!


Hey All!

Here is a last minute fun Easter treat you can make for your family for Easter that is super simple and quick to make. You can do this with your kids and they can have a blast making them with you.


All you need is some…

S’mores Square Marshmallows
Mini Easter shaped cookie cutters. Mine are like an inch wide max.
And Food coloring pens


You simply press the cookie cutters into the marshmallows and press out the easter shapes. You then take your food coloring markers and draw the shapes and faces onto your marshmallows how ever you’d like. It’s that simple. Once you’re finish cutting and decorating the marshmallows you just serve and eat.

They are super simple and a fun tasty treat for Easter! I hope you enjoy them as much as we do!


Have a Very Happy Easter Everyone!