Easy DIY Emoji Holiday Gift Tags!


Hey All!

So what do you do when you have some holiday stickers, yellow round labels, a black sharpie, and some large round metal tags? You make Emoji Holiday Gift Tags! There was no question about it, as soon as I saw the round labels last month I knew I wanted to make some of my favorite Emoji’s to add some holiday fun to our gift packaging.


These are extremely easy to make. You just need what I mentioned above and an image of your favorite emoji’s to reference. You simply draw the faces of the emoji characters you like. I recommend drawing the harder faces with a pencil and then filling them in with your black Sharpie. Then add the heart stickers and any other details you’d like to your emoji.


You then stick your emoji faces onto one side of the round metal tags. You then…


Add a blank round yellow sticker to the back. Stick the edges of both stickers together and then right To: and From: on the back. Boom your done!


You’re left with some pretty amazing gift tags that will surely bring a smile to anyone’s face who has one of these on their holiday gift wrapping.


These are two of my most used emoji faces above, so of course I had to draw them.


They look adorable hanging on our gift packages under the tree. You can also use these as ornaments if you wanted to makes an emoji tree. Just saying!


I feel exactly like the emoji above when I see these gift tags! Love them!

Hope you love them as well and make them for the holidays!

Happy Holidays Folks!