Halloween Treats Mickey Charcuterie Board!

Looking for the perfect way to serve your Halloween treats to your family this Halloween? Serve them as a Halloween Treats Mickey Charcuterie Board! It’s the perfect spooky yet cute way to serve your Halloween treats!

Hey All!

There is nothing I love more than charcuterie board! Especially a Halloween Treats Mickey Charcuterie Board! I had a Mickey Pumpkin treat board made from this shop on Etsy. It was only $13! It’s a plain wood Mickey Pumpkin board and I added a food safe varnish to it to make it into a platter board. Super simple thing to do and super cute and cheap way to make a board to use to make this fun Halloween treats tray! As soon as I got this tray, I knew I had to make a fun Mickey Charcuterie Board with it.

With all the amazing Halloween treats around, it was very easy to do! I got EVERYTHING and I mean EVERYTHING delivered to me! Almost all of it was from Target and two items are from Walmart and Amazon.

Here is what I included in my treats board. We’re going to enjoy this while we watch spooky movies on Halloween.

I got these Mummy, Pumpkin

And Frankenstein Monster Cookies from Target Delivery. I also got the Halloween Animal Cookies from Target. A lot of this you can do same day delivery or have it shipped to your door in time for Halloween.

I got these Halloween Hershey Kisses for the pumpkin stem.

I also got these Halloween M&M’s

These Halloween Oreos

I included Cheese it’s because we love them and they are the perfect orange treat for any Halloween treat board. I also added Candy Corn, because you can’t have Halloween anything with out Candy Corn.

I included these Candy Corn Marshmallows on both sides of the platter. I got mine inside of the Mickey Candy Buckets that someone got for me at Disneyland, but you can marshmallows by themselves shipped to you from Walmart.

I used the Cheese it’s to make the Mickey Pumpkin face…

And lastly I put these Gummy Frogs around the board.

That’s everything I included in my Halloween Treats Mickey Charcuterie Board!

We always have Pizza on Halloween, so I or course put mine on this Pumpkin Tray. You can easily make our Mickey Pesto Pizza if you’d like to make this tray and have some pizza too.

When we’re done with our board, what ever is left we’ll store in these Mickey Pumpkin ziplock bags. A friend got these for me at Daiso. It’s a Japanese products shop that sells cute Disney products.

And that’s how we’ll be enjoying our treats this Halloween. I love serving our Halloween treats this way. It allows us to enjoy a variety of Halloween treats at once in such a fun and cute way.

Hope you enjoy this Halloween Treats Mickey Charcuterie Board as much as I do!

Remember if you make this and share it on social media, please tag me @BriteandBubbly everywhere! I love to see how your spooky treat tray came out and share it!

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