Hands Off My Tasty Treats Mister!

Skinny Cow Vanilla Bean Dream Ice Cream

Hey All!

I often have a problem with my hubby stealing aka borrowing and never returning my favorite things. It’s pretty much an epidemic at this point, since now it’s progressed to him wanting to eat up my favorite tasty treats! It’s been very annoying to say the least. From my NEW Skinny Cow Chocolately Dipped Vanilla Bean Dream Flavor Ice Cream Sandwiches to my cute pens and computer mouse,There are no boundaries as to what goes missing. I want to be the one who likes to share and is giving, but it’s one thing to share and another thing to come home and find my box of Skinny Cow Chocolately Dipped Ice Cream Sandwiches empty. That’s a deal breaker to me.

Skinny Cow Vanilla Bean Dream

It’s become a tug of war when I see him taking my tasty treats. The more I try to hide them, the more he searches for them!


I find myself saying, “Hands off my tasty treats Mister!” all the time and the more he hears it the more he does it. I’m not surprised, as Skinny Cow isn’t just for women, it’s an indulgence for all. It comes in 3 delicious flavors: Vanilla Bean Dream, Ultimate Chocolate and Creamy Caramel. No one can resist these yummy ice cream treats since they are creamy ice cream with chocolate wafers fully dipped in chocolatey coating. This coating is deliciously thick and velvety. Who wouldn’t want to eat these up?!

Skinny Cow Vanilla Bean Dream Ice Cream Sandwiches

I decided to sit him down and give him a compromise. I am happy to share my indulgences with him, but out of the 6 that come in the box, he can have 3. I split the box now 50/50 and that seems to be working fine for us. No more coming home to an empty box thankfully. It’s summer time and I need those cold delicious treats to cool me down when I get home from a busy day of work. I also put a time limit when ever he takes things from my desk. He has to return pens, scissors, staplers, and my mouse with in 2 hours of using it. If he doesn’t it some how goes missing. Giving him a time frame and limitations has worked great! No more searching for my cute pens!

Skinny Cow Vanilla Bean

The tasty treats and borrowing and never returning issue has been resolved. I can now enjoy my tasty treats all the time. I don’t have to worry about him eating them all. It’s a relief as I love to put them in my little ice cream cone dish when I eat them, since it is an ice cream sandwich. Hello! How else would I eat it?!!

Skinny-Cow Vanilla Bean Dream

Taking a bite of one of these tasty treats is like heaven.

Skinny Cow Vanilla Bean Dream Ice Cream Sandwiches Bite

If you’re having the same problem with your man taking your tasty treats, Remember, just because it comes in a pink box or smells like a ladies powder room doesn’t mean it’s a turn off for him. Bond over your shared love of indulgent products and enjoy the good life together – just make sure there’s enough for you both!

Skinny Cow Vanilla Bean Dream Box

It’s now OK to catch my hubby with his hand in the box, because now he’s pulling us both out a yummy Skinny Cow Chocolately Dipped Ice Cream Sandwich to enjoy!

Check out this infographic below from Skinny Cow for more info on this issue of men borrowing women’s tasty treats!


If you’d like to try these tasty ice cream treats for yourself, use this Skinny Cow store locator to find them in a grocery store near you!

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!



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