The Walking Dead Escape Experience! #twdescape

We were given press passes to attend this event. All opinions are our own.


Hey All!

This past weekend while at San Diego Comic Con 2013, I had the pleasure of experiencing The Walking Dead Escape with my fiance’ and of co-writer of this blog. The Walking Dead Escape is sponsored by the hit television show The Walking Dead returning on AMC Sunday October 13th this Fall. Being a huge fan of the show I just had to check it out. When in Rome, do as the Romans. When in Comic Con, GEEK OUT!

The course took place at Petco Park across from the San Diego Convention Center.


There are three options provided: spectator, survivor and walker. As a spectator you can view the action from above and the sidelines. A walker, as anyone that has watched The Walking Dead knows, is a zombie. As a walker professional makeup artists transform you into a frighteningly realistic zombie. A survivor is not exactly how it sounds. A survivor is a human that runs the course but does not necessarily survive. In order to survive you must complete an obstacle course which is approximately 2 miles of running up and down stairs, crawling under cages, crawling through fake blood stained ground, jumping over concrete blocks and cars, and climbing 10-20 foot wooden structures all while being chased and dodging zombies. Forgive the blurry pictures as they were taken while running from zombies!


The course itself is divided in six areas. You and a group of people are taken into a small area where you are instructed that a virus has broken out and you are being taken to a safe zone and are preparing for evacuation. As the instructions are given, a zombie breaks loose and the fun begins. Running through abandoned cars, a hospital, a prison, and even a gladiator pit, there are walkers at every turn. You can break from the herd and speed up, but I warn you if you are not in shape it will take a lot out of you. You can try to be a hero and distract the zombie to help others get through. Much like in the zombie apocalypse on the show the Walking Dead, during the Walking Dead Escape you learn what kind of a person you are deep inside.

Needless to say it was a challenge and I now know I probably would not survive the Zombie apocalypse if it did happen. I seriously have to get in shape!

For anyone that is a fan of The Walking Dead and for anyone that has ever wondered how they would do in a zombie apocalypse, or anyone just interested in an epic fitness obstacle course this is one for the must-do list.

I definitely will be training now for next year.

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