Hasbro At San Diego Comic Con 2015!


Hey All!

While at San Diego Comic Con 2015, I was invited to a super awesome Entertainment Brand Preview Breakfast by my amazing friends at Hasbro. It’s a breakfast we look forward to each year we are at Comic Con. We get the fantastic opportunity to see all the toys to come and get a look at those exclusive toys at the convention. You may never get a chance to own these toys if you don’t brave the lines at the Hasbro Booth. I brave it every year because I need my exclusives! Here is a look at some of the exclusives and some of the amazing toys I saw on display at the breakfast!


Here is a special edition Jerrica/Jem fashion doll, inspired by the original late 1980’s cartoon. There’s a changeable outfit and an extra head that you can swap out to transform your doll from Jerrica to Jem. The 12.5″ doll comes with a 30″ diorama of the Eiffel Tower, and will retail for $149.99 at Comic Con!

They had a bunch of transformers toys including the Diego Comic-Con exclusive Devastator. The 18″ figure is decked out in all his G1 deco, vac metal glory. The figure can break down into the six different constructicons, and will be available for $179.99. This is not the Devastator below, but it’s one of the Optimus Prime toys they had on display which I thought was cool. My picture of the actual Devastator didn’t come out so well.


This amazing life like Hulk figure was on display with some of his Avenger friends. I wanted to take this bad boy home.



I did get some of the Hasbro exclusives this year. I got the two different exclusive toys they Marvel’s Ant-Man. The first is a 0.75″ figure “that’s smaller than a penny”, and it’s the smallest figure ever created by Hasbro! I went nuts for this toy! The figure retailed for $9.99 and is modeled after Paul Rudd’s character in the upcoming film. It comes inside what looks like matchbox


I mean how cool is this thing? I’m in love with it. My only regret is I didn’t buy two of it!



I also got my hands the deluxe Ant-Man pack that includes 12-inch Giant Man, 6-inch Goliath, 3.75-inch hank Pym (who comes in a lab coat with swappable heads), 1.5-inch Scott Lang/Ant-Man, and 1-inch Hank Pym/Ant-Man. The set came inside a cardboard box shaped like the Ant-Man helmet with a swiveling antennae. It was priced at $64.99 at Comic Con.



I also could not leave with out snagging one of these Hasbro Exclusive Black Series First Order Stormtroopers. I’m of course a huge Star Wars fan and Star Wars toy collector. I was not leaving San Diego Comic Con with out this 6″ figure! It was the main exclusive toy from Hasbro that I wanted. It retailed for $24.99. How cool do they look in the picture below?! Love it!


Can you tell I’m a Star Wars fan from the photo booth picture I took at the breakfast! I’m a Star Wars Freak!


I’m counting down the days until #ForceFriday September 4th when all the amazing Hasbro Star Wars toys will be released! It’s going to be epic folks!

I hope you enjoyed a look at all these amazing toys from Hasbro at San Diego Comic Con 2015! I can’t wait to see what they have in store next year!

Thanks again for having us Hasbro!



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