How To Do Laundry With Ease!

I’m sharing #TideThat in my life as part of a Tide® sponsored series for Socialstars™!


Hey All!

I’m always looking for the best way to care for my family’s clothes. We tend to get very messy through out the week. My husband works all day with his hands at work and I get my craft on all day and night for this site. Lots of clothes get very dirty through out the week and it can be very daunting to see the pile get bigger and bigger as each day passes before laundry day. Let me not kid myself, I probably have the most clothes in the house and they usually are expensive clothes that need the most attention. They are also very Brite & Bubbly aka colorful. I take very good care of my clothes, as I would hate for my favorite pieces of clothing to become faded and worn out. I used to hate that it always took so much time to do all our laundry. When you’re always busy and running around, having something take a lot of time is never fun. I also hated the way it felt to spill laundry detergent on my hands, yet another reason I hated doing laundry. Thankfully, that hate for doing laundry has been gone for some time now thanks to my fabulous TIDE PODS®. They are too cute in my book and they make the unenjoyable chore of laundry much easier and frankly a blast for me.

I made a little how to 4 step guide to show you just how easy it is for me to do laundry with my TIDE PODS®. You simply gather up your laundry and place it into piles. I usually separate the whites from colors and I put like colors together. If it’s a large load filled with grass stains, paint from crafting, or oil stains, I use two TIDE PODS®. They go into the washer drum BEFORE the clothes are put in the washer. They can dissolve in warm or cold water.


You then wash your laundry as normal, dry it, and fold and iron it. Boom you’re done. No spilling of laundry detergent. No fighting to get stains out of jeans. No hassle or wasting time with multiple laundry items.


TIDE PODS® are a little magic like all-in-one that clean up those pesky stains in no time. Sometimes, I do put one pod in at the bottom and one in the middle of the clothes, because I do sometimes forget to put two. It’s no biggy, but I just wanted to share the proper way to use them.


I thank my lucky stars for TIDE PODS®! They cut back the time I have to spend on doing laundry, so I can get back to doing the things I love which are getting crafty and hanging with the family. I’m also thankful they keep our clothes looking perfect, as I would hate for my favorite flamingo t-shirt to lose it’s flamingo pink color.  All our clothes are stain free no matter what dirt and grime we manage to get on them during the week.

To go from spending hours trying to get grass stains out and doing laundry to a simple 4 step process has been a god send. I hope sharing my easy laundry process will help you with you and your families laundry as well.Also please make sure you keep TIDE PODS® stored up high and locked in a secure place away from children. As I said, They are cute and you don’t want your kids to get a hold of them.

If you’re looking for a fabulous and easy way to do you’re laundry, I highly recommend TIDE PODS® and these four easy steps!