Itty Bitty DIY Pop Tarts!

Hey All!

You all know I love my throwback treats and DIYs, so today I’m bringing you a fun itty bitty DIY version of one of my favorite childhood tasty breakfast treats. Who are we kidding, We’d have Pop Tarts any time of day! I didn’t know how to make anything else to eat as a kid. If I could make it in a toaster, that’s how I’d cook. I wanted to make a fun tiny version of these, because everything is better in mini size and also less calories folks. Well less calories if you don’t eat every single one you make. They are super cute and easy to make.

Here is how and what you’ll need to make them!

  • 1 package of Pillsbury Pie Crusts
  • 1 Can Strawberry Pie Filling
  • 1 Can Vanilla Frosting
  • Food Coloring of any color you’d like
  • Sprinkles and Jimmies
  • Fork and Knife

First you preheat the oven to 350 degrees to get the oven ready to go to bake your itty bitty pop tarts.

Open the pie crust and then take both round pieces of pie crusts and trim off the edges. You should have 2 square pieces the same size.

You then divide the frosting into 3 small bowls and mix food coloring into 2 of the bowls with your choice of color and leave one bowl of frosting white.

On one piece of your pie crust, take a teaspoon and put dollops of pie filling. You can fit 24-30 dollops on the crust.

You then place the other piece of crust on top of this one and cut the dough in strips about ¼ inch from each edge of the dollops of pie filling. You can see the pie filling through the dough so this is easy to do.

Use a fork and press along the edges to seal the 2 sheets of dough together around the edges of the filling.

You then cut strips the other direction so now you have individual little filled pieces, and press the fork along the other edges to seal together.

Place the itty bitty pop tarts on a cookie tray and put a tiny cut into the top of each tart.

Bake for 8-10 minutes or until edges are lightly browned. Let cool

Frost each tiny pop tart and sprinkle with jimmies or sprinkles. That’s it. You’re done!

How cute are these itty bitty pop tarts folks? They almost remind me of sweet versions of pizza rolls. They’re that bite sized!

My favorite is the white with rainbow sprinkles. How about you?

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