Little Drake Printable Galentines and Valentines Day Cards!

Hey All!

Since Galentine’s Day and Valentine’s Day are in full effect, I thought why not make some super cute Free Last Minute Printable Cards that can work for either day. Just in case you forgot to get something for your special someone or bestie. Or if you haven’t quite found the perfect card to go with your Drizzy wrapped gifts! I knew I wanted them to feature Drake and I called up my buddy Erik Buikema of We Are Extinct to help me bring them to life. I love what we came up with and I like to call him Little (Lil) Drake! He’s so darn adorable!

He goes perfect with those Drake wrapped Galentine’s Day gifts for your besties. Who doesn’t love this wrapping paper from Nocturnal Paper?! I know I do!

You can use this card for your special someone or your bestie, if you find yourself single today.

This one is definitely for your bestie of course…

I love that you can pair it with something as simple as a fun ring pop.

You can DOWNLOAD both cards HERE!

Break out the Hotline Bling song and have a little fun with your new Lil BFF, Lil Drake today!

I hope you love these cards as much as I do! Remember you’re better than a hotline bling girl!

Happy Valentine’s Day Folks!

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