Make A Baby Yoda Mask Chain!

Looking for “THE” quarantine accessory to wear as you watch season two of the Mandalorian? Look no further than this cute and easy to make Baby Yoda themed Mask Chain!

Hey All!

With season 2 of The Mandalorian premiering today and me being obsessed with mask chains, I decided to make a mask chain that is the best of both worlds! It’s a mask chain inspired by the Child aka Baby Yoda! I picked colors that I felt represented the cuteness of the baby and added some little letter beads that spell out Baby Yoda.

It goes perfectly with my 3D Baby Yoda face mask from Seam Sisters on Etsy! They make the best masks! You should snag one asap as they sell out fast!

If you want a cute Baby Yoda themed mask chain to go with your masks, make yourself one of these! Here is how to make it:

First you take the jewelry wire and pull it through the loop or hole on the clasp. You add a stopper bead and a lobster or gator clasp. Insert the end into the stopper bead and use pliers to squeeze the bead to work as a stopper.

Add the beads to the jewelry wire in the design of your choice. I used a color scheme pattern of Green, Peach, White, Pink and Coral for my beads.

Add the name beads in at the start of your mask chain.

You can make these as long as you’d like. Once you finish adding your beads and have the length you want, add a stopper bead and a lobster or gator clasp.

This is a lobster clasp above. You can use either or. Insert the end of the jewelry wire into the stopper bead and into the hold of the clasp. Hold the end of the wire to pull it tight. Use the pliers and squeeze the stopper bead to secure the clasp in place and secure the end.

That’s it you’re done!

You can clasp the lobster clasp or gator clasp to the ear straps of your mask or to the bottom of your mask.

It looks similar to those chains that you can put on glasses to hang your glasses on your neck.

I love my mask chains! I’m making like a million of them! I’m going to make a Christmas themed mask chain too!

You can pair it with these Baby Yoda earrings that you can get for like $5 at Walmart!

Will you be watching the new season of The Mandalorian today? I know I will and I’ll be wearing my mask chain too! I wish I could binge all the episodes today!

Check out this recap video of season 1 of the Mandalorian if you’re not caught up with the show!

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