The Child aka Baby Yoda Pumpkin!

Looking of the perfect way to celebrate Halloween and Season 2 of “The Mandalorian”? Make yourself a The Child aka Baby Yoda Pumpkin! The new season comes out on the 30th, so it’s the best of both worlds!

Hey All!

I wasn’t going to share this pumpkin since it didn’t come out exactly as I wanted it to, but I figured he’s still super cute, I’m going to share it. I need to celebrate the new season of “The Mandalorian” and I’m doing it with a pumpkin. The new season starts on the 30th, so it’s the treat I am thrilled to get for Halloween.

I modeled my pumpkin after the images of Baby Yoda in his little round space crib. He’s usually inside it and I didn’t want to do just a pumpkin with his head. Those are cute but I figured my pumpkin is kind of round, I should make it like him in his crib.

I also did him like a funko pop kawaii kind of look, which I find the cutest!

He’s pretty easy to make too! It’s a No-Carve pumpkin design of course. This girl doesn’t carve! This is how I made him:

First I painted the pumpkin gray. I did at least 3 coats. I waited for it to dry somewhat between coats. I put a fan on it so they dried quickly. The paint dries quickly anyway.

With scissors, I then cut out his head, hands, inside ears, a 5.5 inch strip, and his robe from the green and pink craft foam and the cardboard.

I painted the green strip of foam gray. I did a few coats and let it dry.

I then painted on the window of the crib on the front of the pumpkin.

I then started hot gluing the baby together. I glued his inside ears to his head and his head to the robe cardboard piece.  Make sure you get him right in the center of that black window. I didn’t and it bugs me so much! I didn’t have it in me to start over, so I just left it like that.

I then cut out some 2 inch circles and a mouth from the black and white vinyl and stuck them on his face. I think glue his head and robe piece to the pumpkin.

I then glued the strip in front of him with, so it looks like he’s inside the crib.

I glued his little hands to the front so it looks like he’s holding on.

Make sure everything is secure and you’re done!

You have yourself a cute The Child aka Baby Yoda pumpkin to enjoy for Halloween!

I’ve got my Baby Yoda Halloween shirt and my pumpkin, so I’m ready to watch! I got the shirt at Target! You can find it HERE!

Will you be watching “The Mandalorian” for Halloween? I hope you love this fun pumpkin idea as much as I do! I love him. He’s not perfect but crafting doesn’t have to be!

Check out a special look at the new season below:

I can’t wait to watch! It’s like my favorite show now-a-days. Some of the best TV I’ve ever seen. And the effects are incredible.

It’s the perfect Halloween gift! It’s a Mando Halloween and that’s the best kind of Halloween!

Don’t miss it on Disney+!

Remember if you make this and share it on social media, please tag me @BriteandBubbly everywhere! I would love to see how yours came out and share it!

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