Mini Melted Cone Ice Cream Cakes!


Hey All!

Today I’m going to start off my #BandBTastyTreats series with these amazing Mini Melted Cone Ice Cream Cakes! I’m going to be tagging all the tasty treat recipes I create here on blog with this hashtag, so be sure to follow it on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook so you immediately know when a tasty new recipe has launched here on the blog. These are by far some of the cutest ice cream treats I’ve ever created and they are so easy to make as well. It’s funny, when you’re a kid and your ice cream spilled you immediately wanted to cry. Now as an adult, spilled ice cream looks cute. We’ll it’s not really spilled ice cream, which I guess makes it OK now. I know I still want to cry if I accidentally spilled my ice cream cone. I’m an ice cream-a-holic. It comes in second after my donut obsession.


To Make This Fun Mini Ice Cream Cake You’ll Need:

First you mix your ice cream with sprinkles. I like my ice cream cakes to have an funfetti ice cream filling. I’m all about adding sprinkles, on top of sprinkles, on top of sprinkles. One can never have too many sprinkles in my opinion.


You then melt your candy melts in a bowl and paint the inside of your silicone mold with your white chocolate. You place them in the freezer for a few minutes so they harden. They harden pretty quickly. You then take them out of the freezer and fill them with your sprinkle infused ice cream. Make sure you smooth it out, so when you pop them out the bottom is flat.


You put them back in the freezer for about an hour or two, so the ice cream hardens and molds to the chocolate. Once they are completely hardened and molded to the chocolate, remove them from the freezer. You then take the remaining melted white chocolate and make splatters of white circles on your parchment paper. You then remove your ice cream circles from the mold and place them on top of the white chocolate melted splatters on the parchment paper.

They will look like what you see below and it creates the look of a splattered ice cream scoop.


The white chocolate will harden and seal the ice cream circle closed on the bottom so nothing leaks out if the ice cream melt.


You then cover with chocolate fudge or the blue Smucker’s Magic Shell Funfetti Vanilla Cake Topping and some sprinkles.


You lastly add a little mini cone to create the spilled ice cream cone affect!


Boom, you have one adorable creative mini little self serve ice cream cake that looks like a spilled ice cream cone and ice cream scoop.


I love how these look with the little cones on and scattered around them.


This one above actually looks like an ice cream cone.


You can place them on a mini plate to serve with a little spoon or…


You can just take them in your hand and bite away. You can enjoy these either way!


Summer may be coming to an end on September 23rd, but in my eyes you can have ice cream all year long! It’s the perfect year long tasty treat!

I hope you enjoy making this fun and unique little mini ice cream cake as much as I did!

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