Mister Pink Loves His Nature’s Recipe Dog Food!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of The J.M. Smucker Company. The opinions and text are all mine.

Hey All!

My fur baby, Mister Pink, is one spoiled little dog. He was a rescue dog that we adopted almost a decade ago. He had a hard life before we got him, and I vowed he would live the good life every day for the rest of his life when we took him home. I treat him like a baby, and he is spoiled rotten. He has literally a hundred toys, three different dog beds, a wardrobe inside my closet filled with clothes, costumes, and accessories, and his dog groomer even comes to him in her van. If that’s not a dog living the good life, I don’t know what is!

He’s such a good dog, and I’m one of those people that believe dogs are part of the family and should be treated as such. He only gets the very best in all aspects of his life, including his food. Dogs are meant to live happy and vibrant lives every day.

Having him eat right and stay healthy is a huge part in allowing him to live his best life. As a dog parent, I find fulfillment in nurturing this way of life, so I go out of my way to find him the best. That’s why we switched his food to Nature’s Recipe Small Breed Grain Free Chicken Dry Dog Food. We get the 4LB bag!

I used to waste a lot of time and money shopping and buying him food at a pet specialty store, and now that Nature’s Recipe is at Walmart, I’m able to save time and money by buying it in the most convenient location ever! I can head on over to Walmart and it’s always in stock! We have a brand new Walmart that opened up near us, and it’s awesome because it’s in a perfectly nice and easy to get to location. What’s even better is I can order his dog food online for a low and convenient price and do an in-store pickup! It’s ready for me to run over and pick it up. I don’t even have to go to the dog food section to go get it. It’s ready and waiting for me at the pick-up location, and I’m out of the store in a flash! Talk about convenience folks!

What I love about this food is that it has high quality protein, no corn, wheat or soy, no artificial flavors or preservatives, and no poultry by-product meal! Nature’s Recipe also provides a lot of ‘Grain-Free’ options if you’re looking for dog foods that are grain free!

Nature’s Recipe makes purposeful recipes with ingredients from nature with added vitamins, minerals and nutrients to provide exactly what your dog needs to feel like his most vibrant self, each and every day.

Their recipes are crafted to bring out their best and feed their life to the fullest! This dog food is doing just that for our Mister Pink.

This is his, “I want my Nature’s Recipe!” face. He knows the bag already!

As soon as I fill his bowl…

He gobbles it all up! I could barely get this picture taken before it was all gone!

You can see what a happy dog he is after he’s had his tasty meal.

He couldn’t be happier, and when he’s a happy dog, he loves to model for me like he’s doing in this picture. He’s all smiles and energy, which is just how I like my little fur baby.

He even gives me a little eyewink every time we have a little photo session. It’s the cutest thing ever as you can see below!


Thanks to Nature’s Recipe, I know our dog lives his life to the fullest every day! He’s happy, healthy and working his little supermodel fur baby self every day and all day! That’s just the way I love him!

If you want to learn more about Nature’s Recipe for your own dog, check out their site on Walmart here: www.walmart.com/naturesrecipe

Thanks for supporting the amazing brands like this one that keep this Brite & Bubbly party going!



  • He is spoiled, but very well loved! It is wonderful to find something so good that they will eat and enjoy.

  • acraftymix.com/blog" target="_blank">Michelle Leslie

    Mister Pink is the cutest fur baby ever. Who wouldn’t want to spoil him to bits 😀 Love the picture of him licking his lips, LOL and good for you for giving him the best, natural food possible Vanessa

  • Oh my, Mister Pink looks so happy! I just love him giving a wink! The cutest fur baby dog for sure. I will pass the brand name to my friend who just got a puppy herself.

  • tanvii.com" target="_blank">Tanvi Rastogi

    That’s wonderful that he has something delicious to eat now.

    ❥ tanvii.com

  • I love how you’ve made Mister Pink “blink” in the last photo. Indeed it is important to feed our pets with the best food out there. It’s great that you can find it in your local supermarket as well.

  • Such a cute dog. If i ever own a dog, hoping to, i will have to give this brand a try if i can find it.

  • ithinitybeauty.com" target="_blank">Ithfifi

    Mister Pink is seriously adorable! And I want to hug you, reading about how tough the start of his life was and how you’ve dedicated to making every day wonderful since you adopted him is just beautiful – there needs to be more dog owners like you and do you know what? His happiness is so clear to see! I no longer have a dog sadly but it is great to see such helpful and informative information about dog’s nutritian because it is so important.

  • carolinasaenz.com" target="_blank">carolina

    You have a great hearth your dog its really cute and adorable, and his hair look son good i think is for the food really good

  • worldinfourdays.com" target="_blank">Courtney Blacher

    Aww, your dog is so cute! And we can tell that he really enjoys in his natures dog food.

  • Now this little guy looks happy so I am sure this is a great dog food choice!

  • This Nature’s recipe looks great.I will definitely share this to my friend who is a dog Lover!

  • Aww so cute! Looks like he truly enjoys his food too… We don’t have a dog (yet) but plan on getting one soon, when my daughter is a bit older.

  • glutenspirited.com" target="_blank">Samantha

    OMG! He’s so cute!! I love his the gif of him winking at the end (I immediately held up my iPad to show my sister, who also thinks he’s cute)! I’ve had several rescue dogs. I’m down to one dog (who came to live with me after his previous owner kept him locked in a bathroom because she worked long hours) & a cat (I adopted her from the vet I was working at at the time; she was abandoned after being hit by a car). My dog had been on a grain free diet. Before my other dog became really sick a couple months ago, he started being picky about his food. He’s been on several different brands & types (wet & dry) since my beagle passed. I think part of it is grief since they lived together for 13 years. I think I’ll look into this food to see if it’s an option for him.

  • ericaeverafter.com/blog" target="_blank">Erica Ardali

    I love that you found a healthier alternative to national brands. I’ve heard how unhealthy those are for dogs.

  • themumsandbabies.com" target="_blank">Pooja Kawatra

    I don’t have a dog but seems he has got something delicious to eat and enjoy.

  • oh my gosh – he is the CUTEST! That happy little face is so uplifting!

  • Truth: Growing up, I always loved the smell of dog food. When feeding my dog, I would open the bag and take a HUGE whiff of it! LoL As an adult when I had a dog, every once in a while I would sneak in a sniff. I bet this one smells good!

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  • Your dog looks so adorable. It seems like he really wants his new food.