One Potato For The Holidays!

Hey All!

Are you looking for the perfect gift to give this year for the holidays? Well look no further than this amazing home meal delivery service One Potato. This amazing home meal delivery service is different because it comes to you from the kitchens of real life families. It’s designed for the busy mom searching for the answer to that age old question “what’s for dinner?” This would make the perfect gift for a family like mine that has a new baby. Family’s with new babies have no time to get to the store and no time to spend slaving over a hot stove to make a meal. These meals are quick and easy to make. They also are  fresh, healthy meals that appealed to everyone.

With the meals, you can choose your meals, change your family size, or cancel anytime. You can also customize to your family’s size and take advantage of special kid’s pricing. They’ll even personalize your menus based on your dietary preferences. Meals arrive in a recyclable insulated box so food stays fresh until you open it.

Each meal comes with all the main ingredients you need. You just need to sometimes add like salt or pepper and have the pots and pans to cook in.

They even included a bonus dessert of these Organic Pineapple Cookie Dough to make cookies with. One Potato meals features organic ingredients whenever possible. All organic ingredients are clearly labeled upon delivery. Almost all the ingredients I got were organic, which I loved.

I made these meals this week during the big holiday rush and they were AMAZING!

I so loved these taquitos and this corn salsa was the bomb!

I could eat the whole bowl of this corn salsa by myself!

These pineapple cookies were beyond amazing! I LOVEEEED them and want to find out what the recipe is to make them again!

The Chicken Lo Mein meal was also my other favorite! We had three different recipes and all were amazing.

If you’re looking for a gift that keeps on giving especially to busy moms or families, I highly recommend One Potato as a great gift idea for the holidays!

Use Promo Code BRITE30 for 30% off your first box! They also have gift cards available at:

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