Organic Nocciolata Spread Tastes Amazing & Is Great In Recipes!

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Hey All!

I’m obsessed with Nutella, but did you know there was something even more awesome than Nutella that is organic and slightly healthier to eat. I just discovered it and it’s called Nocciolata!


It is an Italian choco-hazelnut spread made from all organic ingredients including hazelnut paste (16%), cocoa butter, skim milk, brown sugar, sunflower oil and vanilla. Time to wave arrivederci to your Nutella obsession. All these ingredients are strictly organic, with no added flavors, no fat or artificial coloring. The organic cocoa butter is one of the most precious ingredients for the preparation of Nocciolata and it gives it an amazing taste.


Made in the beautiful mountainous area of Asiago in Northern Italy, this delicious spread (Nutella’s 200 calories, 11 grams of fat, 3.5 grams of them saturated and 21 grams of sugar per few tablespoons anyone?) may actually not be the worst thing in the world to eat. I have been using it in recipes galore as of late to get my sweet tooth fix. Heck I even confess that I will lick the spoon when I’m using it! No I’m not ashamed.

Nocciolata is prepared according to an exclusive recipe of the family Rigoni. The processing is done following the tradition that they’ve been making it for years. The ingredients are carefully selected, mixed and processed to become a delicate impalpable powder. After mixing, heating and grinding the powder you get the cream of hazelnut. This, once cooled, is filtered and stirred after 48 hours and the Nocciolata becomes extraordinarily soft and smooth.


You can spread it on bread, crepes, put it in a pie or even smother it on a sundae. There are so many ways you can use this delicious spread. If you read my No Bake Cake Bites Recipe you will see I used it to make those delish easy treats.


And I also used it in my Easy Organic Acai Parfait Recipe!


I love this spread!

For more info on this Amazing Organic and perfect alternative to that other Hazelnut spread visit the Nocciolata Facebook Page!