Orgullosa For Fútbol! #MyHouseMyStadium


Hey All!

It’s always a sense of pride to watch our favorite teams play and represent so many amazing Spanish speaking countries during Fútbol season. In case you didn’t know Soccer is huge with Latinos. When we would watch when I was a kid, my grandmother would always talk about how our lineage went back to Spain and how we should always be proud of our history. It showed a sense of national pride, even though we weren’t from Spain. I’m Puerto Rican and Cuban and I always feel that sense of pride from where I come from every time I watch a game.

Our traditions of making Soccer themed foods like a football cake while watching the games make me feel Orgullosa por ser Latina! We like to come together as a family to celebrate something with love which is Soccer.

Fútbol is the perfect excuse to celebrate with family, don’t you think? Celebrate it to the fullest by entering the Orgullosa My House is My Stadium Sweepstakes for a chance to win a TV, sound system, P&G products, and more. Then upload your picture to show us the passion and pride you have for your colors.

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It’s super simple to enter on the Orgullosa Facebook page and you get the chance to win BIG prizes like a TV, XBOX1, sound system and lots of P&G products if you do! You just fill out your info and upload your photo. It’s easy as pie.

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So head of the the Orgullosa Facebook page an LIKE Orgullosa and enter to win now! Good luck everyone! It’s a fabulous contest!

I hope you’re enjoying fútbol season as much as we are.



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