Our Disney Home Entertainment Adventure!


Hey All!

If you haven’t seen my social media shares on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, I’ve been invited by the fab folks at Disney to attend a media event for the upcoming release of TOMORROWLAND and The Diamond Edition of ALADDIN on Blu-ray and DVD. We’ll also be learning about what’s to come with Disney Movies Anywhere. This will take place from Sunday, 9/20 to Tuesday, 9/22 so be sure to follow along on my social channels as I’ll be sharing updates and photos through out the experience! The first part of the event will take place at the headquarters for Dreamers everywhere, The Disneyland Resort. The second half of the event will take place at Walt Disney Studios. It’s a two parter of magical fun!

Yes folks, we’re going to have yet another blast at Disneyland. We’ll get to celebrate their Diamond Celebration once again and also check out the new Halloween time happenings at the Disneyland Resort.


While at Disneyland, we’ll also visit the real Tomorrowland at the Disneyland Resort and we’ll meet with some of the filmmakers of Tomorrowland.


Participating Talent include:

  • Tomorrowland Director, Brad Bird
  • Tomorrowland talent, Thomas Robinson (Young Frank) & Raffey Cassidy (Athena)

We’ll also meet with Disney Dreamer and Entrepreneur, Mike Goslin (VP of Production and Content at Disney Consumer Products), Disney Dreamer, Charita Carter (Producer at Disney Imagineering), and have a fabulous lunch hosted by an award winning Disney Chef at the park. It’s going to be truly spectacular I’m sure! The food at Disneyland is always delicious in my book. Sounds fun right?


Aladdin is probably my favorite Disney animated film of all time, so the main reason I wanted to attend this event was to see all that is to come on this fabulous Blu-ray. We’ll head to the Disney studio lot to speak with Disney Legend Animator Eric Goldberg. He animated a little character you may know as the Genie in Aladdin! WHAT! Amazing I know! That’s just one of the fun surprises in store for us during this event.

We’ll end the event with a special Disney Movies Anywhere presentation. It’s going to be as I said before, a magical good time.

Be sure to follow hashtags #AladdinBloggers, #TomorrowlandBloggers, #Disneyland60 and my social media channels on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, @BriteandBubbly on Periscope, and BriteandBubbly on Snapchat as I will be posting lots of photos and information about my experiences this Sunday through Tuesday.

You won’t want to miss all the magical fun that’s in store for these next few days!