Pampers Embraces How Kids Love, Sleep & Play! #pampersamorsueñosjuegos

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Kids love to play. There is nothing they love more in life than playing with their favorite toy. Our boobie loves his balance bike.


If this image shows anything it’s that. He can spend hours playing on that bike. He loves it and we love it as well as it’s teaching him how to balance so he can learn to ride a bike. I always find it funny that I want all the kids to know how to ride a bike in our house, even though I don’t know how to ride a bike. When we take him out to ride it there is nothing he loves more. It’s so amazing to see such a tiny person loving something so much as they play.

It really goes in sync with Pampers a new global campaign promoting Love, Sleep & Play. It celebrates and pays tribute to all the millions of ways babies uniquely experience love, sleep and play.

Check out this video below.

There are a million kinds of ways babies experience Love, Sleep and Play – and Pampers celebrates and embraces them all.

Love: whether it’s sibling love, parental love, or love from their favorite teddy bear
Sleep: whether it’s a planned nap, impromptu slumber or a night filled with the sweetest of dreams
Play:  whether it’s with a complex toy, a block or a simple box

Our Boobie embraces all of these experiences and so do we.

Pampers also embraces ALL of these unique ways babies experience Love, Sleep and Play. Pampers knows that the how, when and where Love, Sleep & Play are displayed isn’t what’s important; what’s important is the unique and joyful ways each baby delights in their own experiences. As a brand that has cared for the well-being of babies and their families for more than 50 years, Pampers understand the pressures parents feel in caring for their babies the supposed “right” way.  They know there is no one right way to care for baby and that is why they are rallying support for all the unique ways babies experience Love, Sleep and Play.

Pampers is actually the only brand I could use with our kids and it’s the only brand I have loved and trusted for years.

In celebration of the launch of their global Love, Sleep & Play campaign, Pampers is calling parents across North America to submit photos of their babies experiencing Love, Sleep or Play to be in the running to appear on Pampers Facebook page, Twitter feed and our special online gallery.  Plus, they could be a part of our huge surprise New York City celebration this August.

In submitting photos and joining our new campaign, parents can truly celebrate all the special ways their babies experience Love, Sleep and Play.

For my hispanic readers..

Pampers hace un llamado a los padres alrededor de los Estados Unidos para que envíen las fotografías de sus bebés mientras experimentan Amor, Sueños & Juegos, de modo que sean considerados para aparecer en la página de Facebook de Pampers y Pampers Latino, en la cronología de Twitter y en nuestra galería especial en línea. Además, pueden ser parte de nuestra gran celebración sorpresa en la ciudad de Nueva York este mes de agosto.

Al enviar sus fotografías y unirse a nuestra campaña, los padres pueden celebrar todas las maneras especiales en que sus bebés aman, sueñan y juegan.

Submit your photo entries now of your own children at the Pampers Love, Sleep & Play website here:

For More information also follow Pampers Latino on Facebook and Pampers Latino on Twitter.

How do your kids experience Love, Sleep & Play?