Protecting Our Skin This Summer! #NTGBeautifulInsideOut

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Whether you go to the beach or spend the day outdoors with your children, friends or family, we all want to protect our loved ones from the harsh effects of the sun. Living in Sunny California I actively try to protect my family from the harmful UV Rays of the sun. Kids skin is actually more sensitive to these rays so I actively try to make sure we where sun screen where ever we go.

Since it is the summer we spend a lot of time at the beach and this is one of the main places I always try to be diligent to make sure we always have our sun screen on at all times. I also try to make sure we always bring an umbrella and wear sunglasses as we have to protect our eyes as well.


Surveys reveal that more than 70% of Americans do not reapply sunscreen when they are outdoors for long periods of time, despite dermatologists and medical organizations stressing the importance of sunscreen reapplication to prevent sunburn. I used to be guilty of being one of those people who would forget to reapply, that is until I started using Neutrogena® Wet Skin Sunscreen! It’s a revolutionary line of sunscreens that are specifically designed to adhere to and protect wet skin, dampened by swimming, sweating or humid weather. I also love that it’s hypoallergenic, PABA-free, and oil-free water-resistant protection. We love most of the Neutrogena Suncare line.

The kids can play in the water for as long as they want and still be protected.


If they’ve been in the water for a long time I still reply Wet Skin as nothing lasts for ever. But with this amazing sunscreen we do notice we apply less frequently than we would any other sunscreen. It’s a time saver that’s for sure. We get to spend more time having fun in the sun as opposed to worrying about when to apply sunscreen.

We also have a pool in our apartment complex and on warm days the kids love to splash around in it.


On those days I usually use Neutrogena® Beach Defense™ sunscreens with HELIOPLEX®.


It works great and uses the latest in sunscreen technology. I usually make sure that they put it on as soon as they get out of the pool and just want to stay outside. It’s better to make sure they are being safe in the sun than risking a bad burn or worse later.

HELIOPLEX® is a proven broad spectrum sunscreen technology that is formulated with the ideal balance of UVA and UVB filters to match the sun’s damage profile. Although all UV exposure is harmful, many consumers are unaware that about 80% of the sun’s damage comes from UVB rays and about 20% from UVA rays. The pattern is the same for sunburn, skin aging and even skin cancer. Neutrogena sunscreens with HELIOPLEX® are formulated to protect against that pattern, featuring high SPF (to protect against the most damaging rays) and the highest UVA protection available. Sunscreens with HELIOPLEX® help prevent skin cancer and early skin aging (including fine lines, sagging skin, wrinkles and brown spots) when used as directed and with other sun protection measures. Use two ounces – about the size of a golf ball – for the whole body.

All sunscreens should be reapplied every two hours and/or after swimming, excessive perspiration or towel extended sun exposure.

It’s so important to make sure you and your kids are wearing sunscreen especially during these sunny Summer months.

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How do you keep your family safe from the sun?